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How can I view .dmp files? Is there a viewer I can use?

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I have been having crashes in some games like The Old Republic and there's a folder with some .dmp files and some .json files.The .json files are in plain text so they are easily read but the .dmp files look scrambled or like they could be executable files. Does anyone know if there is some way to view their contents? Maybe some program I can download? Or is the information only available for the developers to see?

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Re: How can I view .dmp files? Is there a viewer I can use?

The best way that I've found so far is to use a combination of 2 utilities. One is Visual Studio (I currently use VS 2010 Ultimate which isn't free, but I believe there is a free version available, or you may even be able to grab a student version) and a free program called BlueScreenView. Visual Studio will associate all .dmp (crash) files so that all you'll need to do is double-click one, and it shows a nice, human readable line explaining the cause of the crash, as shown below where it says "Exception Information":

How to view .dmp crash files with a viewer

BluescreenView on the other hand shows much more geeky (and harder to understand if you're not a programmer) information, but it has a handy little feature in it where you can right-click the line on the error and choose the Google the information about that exact crash, to help you find other forums or sites hopefully with a fix on your specific issue. Screen shots and all the info you need is available for it right on the page that I linked above.

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