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How to stop Android from syncing all of my Facebook contacts!

My Android phone keeps automatically syncing ALL of my Facebook contacts. I like to manually control who gets added to my phone contacts including any Facebook contacts. How can I stop this?? Hypnotized

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How do I stop Facebook birthdays from synching with my HTC Sense Calendar but keep my events?

ok so this has been making me nuts since I got my Android phone. I want to KEEP all of my own Facebook events in my calendar BUT NOT have all of the birthdays of every friend on my list also automatically add themselves to my calendar, is this possible and if so can someone PLEASE show me how? I'd be forever in your debt! Frustrated

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Can I Change My Android Market Name?

I chose my Android Market name very quick originally just to get it out of the way, but now I want to change it to another name. I don't see how to do this though, can anyone tell me if and how this can be done? It would be very appreciated.

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"Awesome Drop" Android App is .... AWESOME! (Tutorial)


Awesome Drop Android App Introduction & Tutorial

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FIX: Android Not Seeing Apps on Micro SD Card. "The linked program is no longer installed on your phone". Corrupt?


After rooting my new Thunderbolt last weekend I ran into a problem that seems pretty common after doing some Googling, but no one really seemed to have an answer for on how to fix the problem; all of the apps that I had moved to my SD Card were no longer able to be used, and any of them that had their icon / shortcut on one of my Home screens just had the generic green Android icon - clicking on any of them gave me the message "The linked program is no longer installed on your phone".

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Android: HTC Thunderbolt / Incredible HD Ace of Spades Case / Cover Review


So, even though I really love the way my HTC Thunderbolt looks all on it's own, with no case, no protective film over the glass, and so on, since I take it with me when I'm out running, sprinting ... and drinking, for peace of mind's sake I thought I grab a case for it. The one I picked out was this one:

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Verizon releases Thunderbolt update today: mecha_verizon_wwe_1.13.605.7-1.12.605.6

Does anyone know WHAT it actually did? I can't tell...

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Anyone Else Been Hit With the Android "Delete All Text / MMS Messages" Bug?

So I get a new text msg and see the indicator in the statusbar and on the Messages icon, click it, and see nothing but a white screen where the message is supposed to be. I back out of it and notice ALL of my text messages are completely gone, including any pictures, videos that were sent to me.

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Icons in my Android folders are not showing, they are showing the default Android icon instead?

I just got done pimping out my Android desktop, and have added some folders with app icons inside of them. After I rebooted a lot of the icons inside the folders are showing the default green and white Android icon instead of the actual app's icons. I can't find any way to get them to show the right icons, can anyone help??

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Samsung has come out with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, something to compete against Apples iPad. The Galaxy Tab is smaller - 7 inches, easier to handle, has a camera, has Adobe Flash Support, Video Calling, is powered by the Android Operating System, there are many more free apps available from the Android Market and you can send and receive texts from it, among other things.


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