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How To Hide FaceBook Wall Posts From Certain People While Still Allowing Them To Write On Your Wall

How To Hide FaceBook Wall Posts From Certain People While Still Allowing Them To Write On Your Wall

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FaceBook Invite All Friends At Once Trick - Short Video Tutorial

FaceBook Invite All Friends At Once Trick

Note: If you prefer a screenshot tutorial instead of a video tutorial, be sure to see our other thread here. (Plus the actual code mentioned in this video is there as well)

Here's an awesome trick / loophole / exploit / hack / whatever you want to call it, to select ALL of your friends at once in the invitation boxes. This works for facebook games, facebook apps, everything that allows you to do invitations.

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FaceBook Friend Requests Blocked

FaceBook Friend Requests Blocked

Here's the latest thing Facebook has thrown at it's members to try and apparently cut down on networking and making new friends?

I managed to get this while trying to send a friend request to a celebrity (a guitarist in an 80's band) who has over 4,400 friends, so this person obviously doesn't mind adding as many "strangers" as possible, (and probably wants to). But Facebook, in it's infinite wisdom, has chosen to punish people anyone who does this.

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How To Send A FaceBook Friend Request When Blocked - This request can't be sent - Trick - Screenshots

So Facebook has a new trick up their sleeve which is annoying the heck out of many many people. In fact, I myself tried to send a request to someone who lives less that 15 minutes away and it wouldn't let me. So if you've gotten the Facebook "Do you know this person?", "Friend Request Can't Be Sent" message while trying to send a Facebook friend request, here's the GeekDrop trick on how to outslick Facebook and send that request anyway. It's actually very simple.

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How To Tell If Someone's FaceBook Profile is Actually Deleted or Just Deactivated

Here's a custom GeekDrop trick discovered by your's truly. This is just one way to tell.

First things first, you'll need to have somehow found at least one Fan Page your target belonged to before they went "missing". Most of the time when visiting their page, even if you weren't friends with them, you'll be able to see a list of pages they belong to, since most people don't hide this, but if your particular target has, we have codes in our Premie forum to still see them.

So on with the shewww ...

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Different views for different profiles?

How is this possible? when i look at a targets profile from my profile this is what i see. as you can see the information is very limited

now if i look at the same profile from my fake profile i see this --- notice all the tabs at top and all other information at the bottom ? and if i click on the photo tab i can actually see some photos? how can this be? neither me or my fake are friends with this person.
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Unknown Facebook Friends or Friend Requested by a Stranger? Could Be The FBI!

On Tuesday the FBI announced it was going to be watching individuals on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Hummm kinda thought it was doing that anyways but ok. So how are they going to be watching the folks? Oh yeah fake friends, what a shock there.

Now I'm kinda curious who's picture wil they use? Old childhood pictures, stolen pictures, who knows maybe they will be some cartoon character. HAHA maybe they should go as "gruff the crime fighting dog"

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How To Tell Which Friends Removed You On Facebook

Have you ever noticed that you lost a friend (or friends) on Facebook, but have NO idea who it was, due to having so many friends on your friends list, or whatever reason? Here's an awesome way to tell who deleted you. It can also tell who decided not to accept your friend request.

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Facebook Invite All Friends Code

FaceBook Invite All Friends Code

Note: If you' prefer a short screencast (video) How-To, see our thread here.

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Facebook: How to Control What Different "Friends" (& Non-Friends) Can See!

Facebook has become wildly popular—so much so that everyone it seems is on it!

You either want to organize your ever-growing number of “friends” OR…


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