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How To Download, Embed, or Convert FaceBook Videos

So you've found a video on Facebook that you either want to keep (download to your computer), post on another website, and/or convert to some other format (for free).

There's an easy way to do any of these. You'll be needing:

  • Firefox
  • This Firefox extension
  • Greasemonkey (optional, see below)
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Boobquake Day Monday April 26th

Come Monday morning if you are awaken by a earthquake its because this Monday has been deemed "Boobquake" Day. Basically women will be setting the girls free and letting as much show without being arrested or as much as they can. Yes enjoy it guys while you can.

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1.5 million stolen Facebook IDs for sale. Is YOURS One Of Them?

GeekDrop highly recommends that anyone reading this right now immediately go and change thier FaceBook password. You may have had your account hacked and not even be aware of it.


Researchers at VeriSign's iDefense group recently spotted Kirllos selling Facebook user names and passwords in an underground hacker forum, but what really caught their attention was the volume of credentials he had for sale: 1.5 million accounts. That's 1 in every 300 FaceBook accounts.

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FaceBook "Become A Fan" Is Now A "Like" Button Instead

Well it looks like Facebook has made some more changes. For Fan Pages the button is no longer marked as "Become a Fan", it's marked as another "Like" button, with the same effect.

Facebook become a fan pages

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How To Stay Private In Facebook Tagging

Nothing like logging on to facebook to find that some relative or friend has tagged you in a facebook photo and its absolutely horrible. No one likes nasty surprises like a pic that you were making a ugly face in, or you look 50 lbs heavier or its just plain embarrassing. So what do you do, quick untag yourself? That may work for some but for others it might come to late. Well no worries you can fix that.

Here is a pic my son tagged of me a while back:

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New Facebook Feature, Who Is Online

So have you noticed anything new on your profile tonight? Well all of a sudden this popped up telling me which of my friends are online at the time:

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How can I find a friend ID number on Facebook

how can i find a facebook id number if someone has a personalized url ?

thanks for help
I Averaged: 3.1 | 24 votes
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WARNING New Facebook Virus "Koob-face"

Well once again there is a new virus being spread though facebook, its called "Koob-face." Basically when it hits your computer it looks like a link a friend sent you or a video a friend sent you. It will ask you to download and woo la it has you. So bottom line, if a link asks you to download anything... don't.

"Just one person getting an infection on a social networking site actually opens the door to thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, or millions getting infected," says Jeff Debrosse of ESET Computer Security.

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South Park Episode About FaceBook

If you havn't seen the latest episode of south park here it is (in full). I am just like Stan in this episode when it comes to facebook. Made my profile just for the hell of it one time and now get a million friend requests and all that. Think I've only been on my account 3 times.

Enjoy (Click)

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Facebook Antivirus WARNING! It's A Scam!!

Here is a heads up of a new malware that is going around on Facebook like wildfire. Its "Facebook Antivirus" but have you know its NO ANTIVIRIS. Here is what it looks like:


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