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Facebook Will Start Charging Users

I don't think a week goes by that I don't see a friend or two join one of those Facebook groups that is all about facebook charging. At last check there were over 1400 groups on this.

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Lame Facebook Statuses

Have you seen or heard of the site OMG tears laughing over some of the postings there. You have to love the failed and funny facebook postings. Come on we have all read them at some point from a friend or two, maybe even posted one. Anyways here are a few examples:

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Now Facebook and Comcast isnt even safe

Wonder what information Facebook and Comcast will turn over to police and intelligence agencies about you? Cryptome, the site that last week posted the leaked Microsoft "spy" manual, has posted company documents that purport to describe what those companies will reveal about you. As with the Microsoft document, the information is eye-opening. Keep in mind that what the companies turn over to police and intelligence agencies is not illegal. The companies are all, in their own ways, following the law.

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What happened to my facebook sent mail?

I've had a facebook for a few years now and I was just looking through some real old sent messages (over a year old) for a certain message , when I look at some of them in the list I can see the subject and the first sentence as usual but when clicking into them , some flash a real quick yellow message saying something about me deleting it and then the message doesn't show anything. Others when I click into them dont even flash the yellow message and theres just nothing there inside the message. Does anybody know whats up ?

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How To Tell If Someone Has Ignored Your Friend Request On Facebook

Ever wonder when you send a friend request to someone if they have ignored it, or is it that they just haven't gotten around to accepting it yet? Here's how.

After you make a friend request to someone you will see this next to their name when you go to their profile.

Facebook awaiting confirmation friend request

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How to put a Youtube video on facebook

I want to put a youtube video on my facebook, how do I do that?

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Facebook Profile Watcher Tracker

Lately I have been getting quite a few invites from friends to join the one app on Facebook called "Profile Watcher". So my mind got to thinking how can we make this work for us? Well I would like to see who is looking at my profile HOWEVER I really don't want them seeing me lurking around on facebook. Plus we all know that this could be used against you if you add it and you peak at a non friend and they track you.

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How to Hack Facebook, Facekook Apps, Myspace and Myspace Apps

Who said geeks don't have fun? Well we have lots of goodies (codes and hacks) here to see those things you're not suppose to see. If there is a will, there is a way so let us show you the way on Geekdrop.

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How to Block on Facebook

So, you're page is private but you don't want a certain someone to even find you....


First, a little info & disclaimers about blocking:

  • The person you block will NOT receive notification that they have been blocked. However, they might figure out that they are blocked.
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Funny and Awkward Facebook Moments

OK there are some times when you either read something or you maybe take some app quize only to find it come out funny or one of those oops L0L moments. Here are a few funny ones:


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