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Firefox 4 Beta

Well Firefox 4 Beta is here and it looks pretty nifty. I downloaded it and have been playing around a bit on it this morning, seems to be lots of cool new add-ons and features. There is also a feedback button in the top right where you can let them know what you think about it.

Check it out now here

firefox 4 review
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Encrypt the Web with the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Extension

This is a repost from EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation)

Encrypt the Web with the HTTPS Everywhere Firefox Extension

Technical Analysis by Peter Eckersley

Today EFF and the Tor Project are launching a public beta of a new Firefox extension called HTTPS Everywhere.

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What Is GreaseMonkey and How Do I Use It?

What Is GreaseMonkey and How Do I Use It?

Grease Monkey (GM) is a Firefox add-on that allows you to use scripts with Firefox (FF). Scripts can allow you to do various things that FF, I use scripts on Facebook to Help my Facebook experience. Here are the 3 things you need to use Greasemonkey


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How To Use Tor (With Polipo) For Beginners

Before reading on, be sure to read our short tutorial on What Tor is. Clicky

So you've decided that you want to use Tor with Polipo. In this short, beginner's tutorial we'll show you how to use Tor with Polipo.

First things first, you'll need:

  • Firefox (the easiest way)
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Firefox Vulnerability - Update to Firefox 3.6.2

If you haven't upgraded your Firefox to version 3.6.2 then you need to. It is a fix to the previous addition which left loop holes and vulnerability. You can get the update here: Firefox 3.6.2

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firefox update problem

alright, so i just upgraded to the new version of Firefox, and for once there seems to be a problem on here that i cant find a work around with, on this one site called vampirefreaks, if you choose to IM a member, the link opens in one of those new browser windows that have no controls or toolbars, just the window and the url at the top of the window, well now every time i try to open one of those kinda links, its instead opens in a new tab, and its annoying as hell

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What is a User Agent String or a Browser String? And How Do I Find Mine?

What is a User Agent string, also known as your Browser string? Well it's basically your computer's information as far as what software you are running. It just gives the basics as to which OS (operating system) you are running, your basic security (if you have any) and which internet browser you are using. It also may tell if some other applications are installed, like the Microsoft.NET framework and the version you have installed.

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