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This is Hilarious! I don't know which dog to watch! (Video)

This is incredibly clever and fun to watch. Whoever did this did a great job!

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If the world really WAS ending tomorrow (May 21, 2011) ... would you have any regrets?

Some say the world is supposed to be ending tomorrow, Jesus is coming and so on, so let's assume it really did for a minute, and you're an angel now, looking upon your past life on earth (or a demon, depending on some of the decisions you may have made Wink ) ...

Would you have any regrets? Things that you never got to do, things that you did and wish you hadn't done, things you wish you could've said to someone that you never did, things you may have said to someone that you really wish you didn't?

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Cosplay? - Real Batman Fights Heckler in Vegas - (Video)

From what I can tell, the guy in white was messing with Batman's camera, or Robin who's videotaping Batman? (Or maybe Batman's tighty-bluey's?)



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How to get a guy to stop talking to you. Or anyone else for that matter. (Funny Video)

This girl describes the best way, in her opinion, to get guys who are trying to get with her to back off. She also says it works for homeless beggers and door to door Jesus recruiters ROFL

I wonder how long it'll be before we all start seeing this face in bars, grocery stores and other places across America?? Big Grin


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Fat Kid BODY SLAMS his Skinny Bully! Must See!

This video is the best thing ever! This chubby little kid gets bullied at school and apparently has had enough. this little pip squeak messed with the wrong kid this day! When watching this you can tell that the poor guy just doesn't want any trouble but this little turd decides to sock him in the face and tries to go all Mohammed Ali on him; that's when the picked-on kid decides to go Hulk Hogan on him! It's the greatest thing everrr! Applause

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I have no secrets interview

I bet you can't watch this only once - it is HYSTERICAL!!!! This lady knows what she wants!

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Hilarious Work-Safe Websites!

This site is great, it's called "WhatPort:80", the work friendly, "sister site" of Encyclopedia Dramatica (NSFW). It's another Wiki site that users create and edit the content of.

Got any especially funny work-safe sites? Post em! Jester

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Japanese Bug Fights

ROFL This is great if you're a game geek. Be sure to read the page, it's hilarious. Clicky

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This is just plain NUTS!

Umm... I think I'll stick with the drumstick!!

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The First Thing Teenage Girls Do When They Get Photoshop

How true is this? Laughing

Twilight photoshop teenage girls

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