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Funny Mugshots In The News

This is great, a bunch of funny mugshots of some seriously disturbed human beings: Clicky

Which one's your fave? Laughing Think I have to go with the black chick in the cow costume.

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Sooo ... would you eat this big guy to survive, or just let yourself die?

Think I might just roll over and keel. I was laughing so hard I was foot stompin' though ... along with gagging. Good schtuff!

Chew with your mouth closed buddy!

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I MUST have one!

OMG! I'm adding this to my AmazonAmazon wishlist ... this dog has "STaRDoGG" written all over it ...

pitbull mastiff

Think I'll add the dog owner to the wishlist too btw. *wiggles eyebrows*

Luckily the dog is for sale, take a look at the ad she posted for him:


Dog For Sale
Free to good home. Excellent guard dog.

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Remember Kids! Don't Drink And Vlog!

Perfect example on why you do NOT want to get shet stinkin drunk and make youtube videos of yourself ... haha! I love this guy!

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Brazilian Dancing Samba Baby Funny Video Responses - Win a Free GeekDrop Premium Membership!

GeekDrop is accepting funny video responses to it's Dancing Samba Baby Youtube Video! In case you've missed the video, it's an enormous internet sensation, now even shown on Family Guy! Here's the link to see it: Clicky

We're getting tons & tons of video responses sent to us, but not all of them are winners, and many aren't even related to the dancing Samba baby video. So, here's the trick to get us to allow your video response through:

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Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

Dancing Baby Does Somba - Real or Fake?

OK, this video of this baby dancing the samba in Brazil is going viral on the internet, so do you think it's real or fake?

If you Heart this video, please take just a second to click the sharing ("Recommend", "Retweet", and "Digg") buttons above, and share this amazing video with all of your friends & family! Smile

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10 Lies Women Tell Men

Be HONEST! Do you women of Geekdrop agree with these??

  • "I’ve slept with [X] guys."
  • "That sex was great."
  • "I have never nor would I ever cheat on you."
  • "I weigh [X]."
  • "Sure, you can call me."
  • "I’ll be ready in a minute."
  • "I don’t know."
  • "That was delicious!"
  • "I’m fine."
  • "It was on sale."
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Hahahaa OMG, I'm in tears ...


Oooooohh mannn, I must've looped this video at least 200 times today over 3 separate times of the day, and it kills me every single time. I'm seriously close to hurting myself laughing ... I think this could really possibly be the funniest video I've ever seen.

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South Park Episode About FaceBook

If you havn't seen the latest episode of south park here it is (in full). I am just like Stan in this episode when it comes to facebook. Made my profile just for the hell of it one time and now get a million friend requests and all that. Think I've only been on my account 3 times.

Enjoy (Click)

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Get A Mac Commercials

I am ROFL about this commercial, this is the first time I have seen this PC vs Mac commercial with Mr. Bean in it, it's just one of the many that have been voted the best Mac commercials!


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