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SearchGeek - Search Engine

Search Geek is a little different from the other search engines out there and says its like having Google, Yahoo and Bing all rolled up into one. You can customize your search, save your preferences, add it to your Firefox tool bar and much more !

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Google Is Broken (Picture)

Ok this picture made me laugh. See not only can we have bad internet days but so can a huge company like Google

CLICK here to see full size

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How To Search And Find ebooks On Google

Have you ever wanted a certain ebook and couldn't find it? Well its basically all in the way you search. First go to Google then in the search put this:

intitle:index.of chm|pdf <book name here>

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Syncing Mac Address Book With Google/Yahoo Contacts

Syncing Mac Address Book With Google / Gmail / Yahoo Contacts

This is a new feature in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and now you can sync your Mac Address Book contacts to your Google or Yahoo Account, virtually eliminating the need to purchase Mobile Me.

To set this up:

  • Open Address Book - from the dock, not from your Mail:app account
  • Click on "Address Book" and "Preferences"
  • Click on "Accounts"
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Getting Started With Google Wave - Need A Invite?

Ok If you have joined in on Google Wave then here are some tips.

First off you will find life much easier if you simply add a picture. Here is a screen shot of my waves (yes I'm pretty new on it too)

google wave tutorial for beginners

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Doing the Google Wave

Well if your one of the 6,000 developers then you might already know about google wave if not then you might be lucky on Sept 30th if your one of the 100,000 people picked to give it a try.

google wave tutorial

What is google wave? Well according to PCMag its a combo of email, chat, docs and a blog. There are some interesting features about it too such as the real-time search and aspects to it.

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Maybe Google isn't so great... (for breakups)

We all know, I'm a HUGE fan of Google, as I think most of us are. Many of us have even written an "Ode to Google" thread at some point. (I have, Smartmom has, GeekGirl has, MIW has, Jayson Krause has, Somewhere over has) I could go on, but you get my drift Wink

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How To Use Google Translate as a Free Anonymous Proxy - Access Restricted Sites

I thought this was intresting but I never tried it (found it here: Click)

Free Google Proxy!

Access restricted web sites using Google language tools service as a proxy.

A little tutorial found on inspired me for this hack. That tutorial suggests to translate a web page, using Google Translator, to access it even if restricted. It worked fine but something else was needed... why translate?

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