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Apple now allows VLC Video Player

Well in a surprising step Apple is now allowing users to use VLC video players with their apple products. If your not familiar with VLC then I can tell you its one of the best video players out there and it supports a multiple different types of videos. VLC is my current default video player on my PC. In the past with Apple you have been limited to what kinda videos you could use on your ipod's, iphone's and ipads so this is a big step for apple users. Basically it means no more converting if you want to watch videos that are not MPEG4 or H264.

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Weather HD App For iPad

Weather HD App for iPad
This is a paid app. It uses not complex numbers or graphs to describe the weather, but stunning high definition videos that easily and beautifully describe the weather condition.

The New York Times describes this app: "Weather HD elevates the user, placing her at cloud level for a hushed real-time weather tableau that puts the Web’s goofy sunshine-rain-cloud icons to shame."

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SkyGrid For iPad and iPhone

About SkyGrid

SkyGrid is a new way to experience the Web.

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Apps...What is Free and what isn't

So be it a cell phone, smart phone, PDA or a media table what type of apps are you looking for? How many buy apps out there and what is the most you have ever spent on one?

I thought this was very intresting

57% of Android apps are free -- iPhone apps: only 27%

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How Does the iPad Really Stack Up?

The iPad is here and has already shown some impressive sales, but how does it really rate when compared to netbooks and other computing devices. The iPad is a tablet computing device which runs on a modified version of the iPhone 3.2 OS. It has a 9.7 inch vertical display with a multi-touch interface. It comes in storage capacities of 16, 32 and 64 MB. The smallest one starts with a price tag of about $499.

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Will Mobile Devices Kill The PC?

Mobile technology has become so advanced that many people are wondering if mobile telephony will kill the PC. There are some people who think that the PC will be completely replaced while there are other people like Dell CEO, Michael Dell who says that though the mobile will start performing many functions of the PC, it will not completely replace the PC. Michael Dell says that every user will have access to a lot of devices which may be dedicated to a particular task.

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Oops .. AT&T Exposes data for 100k ipad users

Well if you were one who ran out and had to get the latest apple gadget then you might have been exposed wrote:

A security hole in AT&T’s website has leaked out data on more than 100,000 iPad owners, including government and military officials, corporate CEOs, and media executives, according to Gawker, which calls the leaked information “the most exclusive e-mail list on the planet.”

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Jailbreaking an iPhone, iPod or iPad 3G

I have been waiting for some time to jailbreak my son's iPod because it was a 3 generation one (the 64GB one). I could have used the older jailbreaks but it would have required tethering and for me that was not a option. Well I'm happy to say there is a new jailbreak for those who have the 3 generation. The jailbreak is called Spirit Jailbreak. Its pretty easy to do and they seamed to have worked out the bugs they had.

Ok here is my son's ipod now

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Easier solution to rip and transfer blu-ray and DVD movies to an iPad

Easier solution to transfer blu-ray and DVD to iPad with just one mouse click

Here's detailed steps and the optimal playback settings for iPad.

The software you will need:

The program supports the iPad video formats below:

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Not Only Will The iPad Cost You A Arm And A Leg But Also A Finger

Ok so a guy name Bill Jordan in Colorado goes into a Apple store to buy a ipad for a friend. In his bag was the iPad with the drawstring around his finger. He was robbed and they jerked the bag so hard that they removed his finger leaving only the bone. His finger had to be amputated. Well he was robbed of the new apple ipad and his statement to the robber was " I hope you understand what you have done to me and to my family's life - for a simple piece of apparatus that will be junk in a couple of years."


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