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If You're Traveling To Israel Leave Your iPad At Home

Well if you're planning a trip to Israel then you might want to leave your iPad at home or risk it being taken away. Israel has banned iPads and Europe might also follow though with that too. So why have they banned them?

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What is the iPad Resolution for wallpaper?

As the title says, does ne1 know the resolution for ipad wallpapers?

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With An iPhone You Can Make Your iPad A Wireless Camera

Aggravated that your iPad doesn't have a camera? Well it you have a iPhone you can actually make your ipad a wireless camera. To do this you need two apps (one if free and one you have to pay for) camera A and camera B. With those apps all you need to do is make sure the bluetooth is on and then you will see it mirrors everything on the iphone onto the ipad. To take

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Yes You Can Put An iPad In A Blender! Plus Other Ways To Destroy One. (videos)

So are you an anti iPad person? Well here are 4 videos of folks killing an iPad. My favorite is the blender...awesome! Then you have the baseball bat, the iPad stress test and golf club vs the iPad (inspired by Tiger, I dunno).

iPad vs a Blender:

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iPad Compatible Clothing Line

Well there is an app for everything or so it seems and now a clothing line that has gadget-friendly pockets to fit all those gadgets like iPhones, iPods and now fits the iPad!

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Apple iPad WiFi Problems

Since the launch of the Apple iPad, some serious WiFi problems have been reported including weak signal, signal dropping completely, and snail speed downloading, hence a lot of angry iPad owners out there. Apple have made several suggestions on how to improve the problem, but it seems all things point to a software issue especially if Mac Books, and iPhones have no problem with the same router. I would be seriously mad right now if I had purchased one, don't you think this should have all been sorted before its release? Anyone have one?

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Hundreds Of FREE iPad Wallpapers

So you have a nice new iPad and you would like to put some wallpaper on it? If your wanting to create your own iPad wallpaper here is the size you need 1024 px by 768px at 132 ppi (pixels per inch). Here are some cool wallpaper sites and some examples of what they have:

Nature, Macro. Apple, Abstract, and 3D iPad Wallpapers
(35 total)
@ graphicmania

I Averaged: 2 | 1 vote
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iPad Jailbroken Already In Under 24 Hours Of Release.

Well it was only a matter of time before the iPad was jailbroken and its been a hot race to do it. Not to bad since it was done in less then 24 hours of release. Here is a video of it being jailbroken:

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iPad Is It A iMust Or A iPass?

So did anyone rush out to purchase a iPad or at the very least check one out and play with one? I'll admit I didn't rush out to check it out but I have been reading the reviews. I am interested in the whole tablet computing and I think we will see this year many different options and that they will revolve.

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Digg App For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

There is an app for everything and Digg now has one which was just released on March 24, 2010, for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Some highlights ...

* Browse lists of the top stories in 24 hours, recently popular stories, and upcoming stories with rising interest
* Preview any story in a list by clicking the arrow next to each item in the list, which will reveal the story description, source,


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