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Which cell phone do you have or want?

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iPhone 4G

Well this is a Real 4g iPhone ! it was even on the news today about this guy getting raided by local police and apple wanted their iphone back

( New iPhone on left 3gs on the right !)

See the whole story here ! Clicky

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Using REAL VNC iPhone

This is the same process I used pretty much to controll my iphone with my laptop and view it on my laptop screen !

I was actually trying to see if there is a way to do this with a unjailbroken iPhone ? If anyone knows please post that below !

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Imageshack, Photobucket & Flickr iPhone Apps

Ok now there is a handy iPhone App to upload images from you iPhone to ImageShack: Clicky
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With An iPhone You Can Make Your iPad A Wireless Camera

Aggravated that your iPad doesn't have a camera? Well it you have a iPhone you can actually make your ipad a wireless camera. To do this you need two apps (one if free and one you have to pay for) camera A and camera B. With those apps all you need to do is make sure the bluetooth is on and then you will see it mirrors everything on the iphone onto the ipad. To take

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Share iPhone Apps With AppSnap

lets you install any iPhone app by taking a picture of its icon, allowing easy app sharing between iPhone users.

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Free iPhone E-book Reader Apps

Here are a few more free iPhone E-book Reader Apps available for download for your iPhone.

All all compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

1. B&N eReader (Barnes & Noble)

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Digg App For iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

There is an app for everything and Digg now has one which was just released on March 24, 2010, for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Some highlights ...

* Browse lists of the top stories in 24 hours, recently popular stories, and upcoming stories with rising interest
* Preview any story in a list by clicking the arrow next to each item in the list, which will reveal the story description, source,

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How To Save A Wet iPhone Or iPod

Well I know in the past I have dropped a ipod into water and then tried to rush and blow dry it only to still have water issues. So what do you do if you should drop your iPhone or iPod into water? Well instead of grabbing the blow dryer try grabbing a bag of rice.

Yep toss it in a bag of rice for a few hours (turned off) and it will absorb the water. Big Grin

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How to Unbrick your iPhone

So now you've jailbroken your iphone and nothing happens when you turn it on. ok, first take your iphone that you just broke, email me, I will send you my address and send you money for shipping to my house.
Seriously, I will do that if you can't figure this out below Laughing

Now, seriously Bricked iPhones are simple to unbrick ...

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