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iPhone Movies

OK here are just a few good movie sites for iPod/iPhone also can get these to work with other devices and play on PC as well ! <--- NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT TO USE

on the iphone you should download the app !!!

I also want to tell of some good APPS to use with it on iPhone or iPod Touch:

iFile -- you have complete acess to your file system and can move and store movies on iphone

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iPhone Nano

iPhone Nano & Shuffle

This is a neat Concept. Add pics of your concept iPhones or Cell Phones if you choose Big Grin


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Free iPhone

Ok this is worth a shot !

I just signed up for it I used my spam email account , I didn't have to input any personal info and says I just need to refer 10 people to get a free iphone well its at least worth trying right ?

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Flash Player For iPod's and iPhones

Ok question for our ipod/iphone users. My son has a ipod touch and I need to put a flash player on it. I know that Adobe has a flash player for MAC however the wonderful Apple folks wont let it work on ipod's and iphones. Sad

So what do you use as a flash player? My son would like to play a few facebook apps but they require a flash player. thanks

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iPhoneBrowser (aka File Browser for iphone)

NOTE: This is a program called iphone browser Not a web browser !

I installed this and it worked great for a few days now I cant get it to open up in my vista laptop !

Click here to check out download page !

Note: GeekDrop is not responsible for the use of this program so please use it legally !

If anyone knows of a better file browser for iphone or why this would fail in vista please let me know !

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iPhone Browsers

Nightglow is one I use now check it out here

Nightglow is the only tabbed browser i have found so far that works great !

here is the other I know about
Swift Browser ---- ( I like the speed this give but No tabs and back button doesn't always work )
MyFox ---- ( I heard that its unstable right now and under developement )

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iPhone and iPod App Swapping To Get Paid Apps FREE

My son has a iPod touch 64 and hes buddy came over last night with a iphone. I learned a new trick that the kids are now doing. If you have a iPod or a iPhone you can swap apps that your friend bought for FREE. This does not require any jailbreaking, its just a simple trick.

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iPhone & Skype ( NOT iPod Touch )

Note: I found out you can use Skype and fring on an iphone without a headset, and you can actually use it to save you money if you have iphone and At&T already !

OK There are tons of articles about this, I just want to do a quick wrap up of what I found out. If anyone wants to try and see how much it will save them goto Skype &

Pros of having Skype/Fring on iPhone (even if you have the At&T Network )

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Discounted or FREE iPhone and iPod Apps

With so many apps out there its hard to keep up with them all. With the economy tight its always nice to find a great deal. Well like most stores from time to time apple will put a app on sale or they do a temporary discount or offer them free for a limited time. Face it who has time to sit and wait and watch them? Well here are some sites that will do that for you:

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Caution - New iPhone Worm Out

Well like all popular things you find some who have nothing better to do but mess with them. Needless to say if you are a iPhone user then you might want to read this:

A New iPhone Malicious Worm is Out


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