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How to Copy Music Off of Your iPod or iPhone using Windows PC

Without an iPod Rip/Transfer Application:

Here's a way to quickly get files off a PC iPod without any extra software.

Plug your iPod or iPhone into your computer.

From the Desktop, go to My Computer and find the iPod

(usually designated by a drive letter. i e. E: or F:) Open it

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iPhone and iPod Touch Themes

Well if you have ever wanted to put a theme on your iphone or ipod touch but haven't found the right one well then you need to check out iphoneoverdose. They have over 300 themes

Its pretty easy to add the themes but it does require you to jailbreak the iphone or ipod touch. Here are some examples of the themes they have...

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Jailbroken iPhones Being Hacked

If you have a iPhone that has been jailbroken then you might want to sit up and take notice of this one. In the Netherlands they are having issues with iphones being hacked. Ok so your thinking no big deal that is the Netherlands and not here - well yeah not here YET but word and howto travels fast so best to get the upper hand and protect your iphone now.

The iPhones in the Netherlands when hacked received a text message - here is a screen shot of one:

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When iPhone Apps Go To Far: iPhone App That Can Drive Your Car

Ok I think this has to go down as not only a bad idea but just plain scary. We have all heard of the dangers of driving while on the cell phone but what if your cell phone could drive your car? Oh yeah there is a app for that or will be. Currently there is a company in Germany that has developed a app for that.

The app has gas, brake and steering buttons that allow the user to control the vehicle. A roof-mounted camera allows the "driver" to see where the car is going.

It's able to navigate its instructions over Wi-Fi.

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How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it?

I will share the way you can do as the following steps:
Step 0:
Free download iPhone Ringtone Maker, install and run it.

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iPhone and iPods Batteries

Have you ever wondered how much battery life you have left? Nothing like going to play a game or video and have your battery die first. Well there is an app for that Big Grin

Battery Go! <== click to get

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National Film Board of Canada - iPhone App

The National Film Board
- now has an iphone app so you can watch hundreds of documentaries, animations, short stories and alternative dramas right on your iphone. Also watch trailers, upcoming online releases and playlists available either on the web, on your personalized home page, or on your iPhone.

Free for personal use
and on a subscription basis for schools and institutions.

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New iPhones and iPods Can Be Jailbroken

Well looks like Apple isn't quite as smart at they thought. The new iPhones and iPods can be jailbroken. Yes Apple did change out the bootrom to a new one but you can still hack it. You now need to do a few extra steps and it requires tethering it to a computer to start up. You can read more about it here:

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Google Wave On iPhones

Well the people at techcrunch figured out how to put google wave on iphones. What is google wave well check out this thread: Doing the Google Wave

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iPhone App Deals

I thought it would be good to have a spot to post some great deals on apps or those must have free ones.


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