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iPhone Stalking Apps

Hey there is a app for everything now days - check these out.....

ok ya gotta admit this is funny. Yeah I don't see Apple using this commercial but hey there is a app for everything now days Smile

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iHeart Radio - not just for iPhones

iHeart Radio is not just a iPhone app but you can use it on other phones. What is it? Well its a app that will let you live stream about 350 radio stations - and when I say live stream they are crystal clear. How many times have you been on road trips and not able to find a good radio station? Well check out iHeart radio and enjoy what you want - oh did I mention its FREE.&#

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New Facebook iPhone App Available

The new Facebook iPhone App is available. When I went to the App Store for my iPhone it did not show an update was available. If this happens to you just delete the app then open the App Store and install the app again. Once re-installed you will have the new version. It's pretty nice. Notifications show at the bottom of the app. The app's "homepage is a group of thumbnail options that take you to various parts of the profile. In profile view you have tabs at the bottom instead of the top.

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Two iPhone Traffic Apps (FREE)

Nothing is worse then being stuck in traffic for hours due to a jam. I know this because our last trip we sat over 2 hours on the highway at a dead stop - stuck from a car accident. If you're on my facebook you know because I was complaining about it and missb and geekgirl were trying to get me info on the accident. I wish I had these apps

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Exploding iPhones

First it was the ipods [Exploding iPods] but now the iPhones have also started exploding

Apple looking into reports of exploding iPhones

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Could your iPhone apps be spyware?

Well according to computerworld yes some iPhone apps are indeed spyware that are gathering up your data.

iPhone apps are spyware: PANIC!

Once an iPhone application is pinchmedia enabled, on every execution of the application the following information is stored in a local SQLlite database:

  • iPhone's unique ID
  • 0
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Wonder where the Rejected iPhone apps go?

So from time to time you hear about a cool new iphone app only to find it is now gone - booted by Apple or it was rejected by Apple before it hit the app store. Well never fear there is a site that specializes in rejected apps. At Cydia you can find the unauthorized apps. So what apps are there well you will find GV Mobile App there and guess what its FREE.

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iPhone keypad codes

Ok if you are an iPhone user here are some keypad codes to get more information on your phone:

iPhone Codes: Network & Phone Information

*3001#12345#*- Opens up the “Field Test” settings on your iPhone, which allows you to see many, many advanced network settings on your phone including cell site information and more.

*#06# – Displays your iPhone’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number (this code also works on many other phones).

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iPhones vulnerable for SMS texting virus

While I'm not an iPhone user, and if you haven't already heard, this is must read for those of you who are.

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Email full resolution photos from your iPhone

I found out recently that when you email a photo from you iPhone it gets compressed. For the older iPhones like mine that sucks. There is a way around that though. You can email the full resolution photo.

Tap photos.
Tap your camera roll.
Now in the bottom left hand corner tap the share icon.
Tap each photo that you wish to send, multiple selections are allowed.
Now instead of hitting share hit copy.
Close the camera roll and open your email app. Start a new email.


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