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Mobsters On iPhone

Yep I guess the makers of mobsters Playdom needed to make a little more money so now you can play mobsters on iphones with a new app

so if your a mobster player and you have a iphone you can read more about it and get it HERE

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15 iPhone Hacks

I was surfing around the net and found this article interesting. Although I don't have a iPhone I thought I would pass the info along

15 Useful iPhone Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

1. How to get Push Gmail on your iPhone

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iPhone Apps and Corporate Branding

Ok so I saw this article and thought it was kinda cool. With companies doing their best to keep their names and sites active they have came up with apps for the ever so popular iPhones. Here are some of the corporations that have jumped on the app band wagon

Some have worked and some well have flopped. Anyways you can read more about it here and pick up a app or two (or three) if you didn't have them before (FREE).

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iphone BeautyMeter, Hot or Not or Child Porn?

Well it looks like iphone had to pull an app from the store once again. The app was a free app called "BeautyMeter" where people can upload photos that others rate (they give them stars) based on their: Face, Body & Clothes. Ok that seems simply enough, but what happens when nudes start showing up? Or even worse when the nudes are kids? Yep that happened when a 15 year old girl posted a pic of her topless and semi bottomless. She posted she was 15 years old and she was rated by 5,000 users. One of the new sources did a story on it and they posted t

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The iPhone 3G is HOT!

So besides the fact that iphones have a certain sexiness to them they are really hot - seriously. Hummm maybe time to relook at getting the insurance for your phone if you have the iphone 3G. Reports have it that the phones are overheating to the point that the white cases are getting a pinkish/brown look to them (baking the paint maybe). It seams to happen more for those who play alot of games or use their GPS alot. So word to the wise get insurance. Here is a pic of a toasty little phone

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iPhone 3.0 Update = Awesome!

I'm doing a software update dance this morning! Downloaded the 3.0 update for the iPhone last night and it's fantastic! Only thing missing is the MMS but I'm telling myself we must have patience...Zen thought for the day. Big Grin

But I digress- The free new update makes the iPhone experience even better than before. From the long-awaited copy & paste to Voice memos, the iPhone just got a little bit better. And it already rocked!

Here's a few tips & tricks to get you started on your path to 3.0 bliss...

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Buyers Remorse

So wired did a story on ppl having "Buyers Remorse" that products they though would last them years are only being replaced after a few months - is this fair to the consumer. I know we always want the newest most best product but some times I think the manufactures jump the guns to put a product out there only to come out with a upgrade product a few months later. Its almost like there needs to be a technology etiquette. I know microsoft tends to come out with a new OS like every 3 years or so, I think that is fair. I know that office 2007 seam

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The iPhone- Computer or Cell Phone?

That is the question. Well at least it is for Tim Bajarin, author of this cool article. Mr. Bajarin ponders whether it's even fair to compare phones such as the Blackberry or new Palm Pre, to such a fine piece of technology as the iPhone... (couldn't help myself..)

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The Coolest iPhone Yet

So a little birdie sent me a link earlier to all the reasons why the new iPhone 3GS is so darn sexy. I usually give a little of my insight in my threads but, today, this speaks for itself...(oh okay, a little commentary by yours truly)

A few reasons why it's so sweet...and more to read here...

1. Accessibility features


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