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Oops .. AT&T Exposes data for 100k ipad users

Well if you were one who ran out and had to get the latest apple gadget then you might have been exposed wrote:

A security hole in AT&T’s website has leaked out data on more than 100,000 iPad owners, including government and military officials, corporate CEOs, and media executives, according to Gawker, which calls the leaked information “the most exclusive e-mail list on the planet.”

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One Step Test To See How Private Your Facebook Is

Well with all of the facebook privacy changes you might be shocked to find that something you though was private is now public for the world to see. Easy fix huh? Well it is if you know where to look and ALL of the spots to look in since facebook likes to make it not so easy to find.

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How Private Is Your Information? (Check)

WOW check out this site: Clicky

Type in your name and see what is says. You might be really shocked at the info it gives on you. I know I was shocked. It also pretty much had it all right except it had my house as a value of 1 Million plus, that is a little off. Laughing

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Now Facebook and Comcast isnt even safe

Wonder what information Facebook and Comcast will turn over to police and intelligence agencies about you? Cryptome, the site that last week posted the leaked Microsoft "spy" manual, has posted company documents that purport to describe what those companies will reveal about you. As with the Microsoft document, the information is eye-opening. Keep in mind that what the companies turn over to police and intelligence agencies is not illegal. The companies are all, in their own ways, following the law.

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Comcast passwords posted on web

So for the past 2 months 8000 comcast customer's user names and passwords have been posted on the web for everyone to see. A customer did a Pipl search on himself and came across the list. Comcast was contacted, and obviously the list has been removed. Comcast is also freezing all the affected email accounts. Read more HERE.

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How To Use Google Translate as a Free Anonymous Proxy - Access Restricted Sites

I thought this was intresting but I never tried it (found it here: Click)

Free Google Proxy!

Access restricted web sites using Google language tools service as a proxy.

A little tutorial found on inspired me for this hack. That tutorial suggests to translate a web page, using Google Translator, to access it even if restricted. It worked fine but something else was needed... why translate?

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