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Connect to my Twitch Prime Gaming to my Already Existing Amazon Prime Account?

Subject says it all. I already have an Amazon Prime account and just noticed an offer in my Twitch that if I buy Amazon Prime I'll be able to connect it to my Twitch and get "Twitch Prime Gaming" and all it's bonuses.

Is there a way to connect my current Amazon Prime to my Twitch so that I don't have to buy Amazon Prime again?? Cuz that's not gonna happen!

Thanks for listening for any input!

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R.I.P G+ (Did you use it?)

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Snapchat Question: Why Do Some Friends Only Show Up Under "Discover"?

First of all I hate this new Snapchat update, Laughing, but I've noticed that some of my friends only show up under "Friends", and others only show up under "Discover". Why don't all of my friends show up under "Friends?" Anyone?

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