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Lvl 50 Dailies

Was searching the SWTOR forums and found this, if you do all the dailies you can get about 36 daily comms and 220k credits: Dailies

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This is long. It's a full huttball match. Fun to watch at least for me. I made mistakes but I do stop the enemy twice from scoring and do throw for a pass that ends up a score for our team! I did have one that I should of scored but I thought I could get past the fire trap. I was wrong Sad

Enjoy huttball from a Jug's POV.

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My lil' Rakghoul

Here's my rakghoul pet. I call him george.

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After datacron hunting Dogg and I got into a fist fight

After the datacron hunt dogg and I got into a fight over who was more fugly. I let him win.

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Datacron on Hoth (+4 Endurance)

Dogg needs to work on them moutain climbing skills! Smile

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Unusual Egg & Taun Taun

Im going to go on an egg hunt Friday night I think. Need to find out how to get the taun taun too. SWTOR Egg hunt and Taun Taun Info

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Here is a shot of my UI. Just for fun. See what ya think. (Click for the full sized image)

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Not sure whey I'm messing with it

But I started effing around with what could possibley be a guild site. It's just running off of phpbb but I added bbdkp wich seems like it could be cool. Gives you some raid organizational tools wich I havn't gotten working yet. Part of the problem is the swotr theme is still new and it's requireing some tweaking to get everything working. But the forums work and I added some stuff. We could use it if you want. Let me know what you think.

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Let's start thinking about planning a night or more to do some things!

I'm not 50 yet but will be soon. 8 more lvl's to go. I'll get there as fast as I can.  But for now let's start a discussion on some possible nights and times we can get together and try and do some things as a group. This game will be much more enjoyable for us as a guild if we start trying to do some stuff. We can start small with a night where we can either try a flash point or even just pvp or go to Ilum and have some fun. Eventually we can try and expand to get more 50's so we can start even trying some operations.


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