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Is there a way I can see who views my Facebook page?

I want to be able to see which visitors from my friends list are looking at my facebook profile, how can I see who views my page?

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Facebook Tracker - Profile Watcher V2.1 - eProView

Another False FaceBook Tracker

The latest one to crop up is one called "Profile Watcher V2.1e". It makes claims of "100% working method", "See who viewed your profile", "this facebook tracker actually works", "Now you can really see who viewed your profile", and so on.

As you can see by the screenshots, of a facebook user who tried it out, in her own words highlighted below, it "doesn't work".

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MySpace Adds Native Visitor Trackers

So, I logged into my Myspace profile today and got this popup notice:

Myspace trackers

I decided to check it out and Accepted. Then went to our GeekDrop Myspace profile and did the same, and visited my personal profile. This is what it looks like in your Home page after getting a visit:

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How To Anonymize ANY Link To Spoof Your Referrering URL

Here's how to anonymize any link you want.

Just add:

To the beginning of any link/URL. For example to anonymize a link to Google, it'd be:

Nice and simple.

What this does is, make it so that the URL / site / page that the link is clicked from, will not show up as the referring site in the target site's web logs, and other referrer tracking software.

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Free facebook profile tracker that works!

Working Facebook Profile Tracker


This is easy to do just read ALL of the instructions because you have to make some changes to the tracker to make it work!

  • Head over to and sign up for a free tracker. Mixmap is the tracker that you will be placing on your facebook profile.
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Facebook Profile Watcher Tracker

Lately I have been getting quite a few invites from friends to join the one app on Facebook called "Profile Watcher". So my mind got to thinking how can we make this work for us? Well I would like to see who is looking at my profile HOWEVER I really don't want them seeing me lurking around on facebook. Plus we all know that this could be used against you if you add it and you peak at a non friend and they track you.

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How to find out who business or blog owner is?

Is there any way? I've been reading a particular blog/business (sells advertising & merchandise) for years and now i'm intrigued. who is the wizard of oz, so to speak?
Any way to find out? national database of online registered company owners or something?
Appreciate it!

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Facebook Tracker

In the past when anyone has ever asked if you can put a tracker on facebook the answer has always been NO. Well times are a changing.
I just wanted to report that profiletracker is now offering a facebook tracker. I do have a facebook but its pretty private so I have not used it. I would love to hear feedback on the tracker as far as facebook goes. If its anything like how their myspace tracker is then its gotta be good.

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New Auto Tracker code at

We have a new code, it can auto-identify anyone logged into myspace correctly. Also can show where your visitors were before your page, and where they click off your page.

These codes often don't last long, as myspace doesn't like them, so if you want it, here's your chance.

It's part of a new promotion, existing members can find a link in the stats page. If any non-members have questions about it, I can try to answer them here.


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