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I need extra treasure box key in Buggle

y o
hope to hav max blast in da frum.

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See Who Answered WithOUT needing coins in Truth Game / 21 Questions


So, you don't feel like wasting your time answering questions about your Facebook friends just to stock up on coins so that you can view who answered questions about you in the "Truth Game", also sometimes called "21 Questions, socialtrueorfalse and Truths About You"? (It's also gone by other names, seems the developer likes to change the name around a lot or something).


Well, there's a surprisingly easy little trick to doing so; just follow the steps in the screenshot:

I Averaged: 2.8 | 10 votes
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What happened to the "Hide All Notices From This App / Game" Option in FaceBook?

There used to be a menu item that said something along the lines of "Don't show notices from this app / game" when you'd bring up the menu in your facebook feed, but now all I see are these ...

how do I hide facebook games and app notices in my feed?

Is there a new way to hide them? I def don't want to manually hide each person's game / app notice, or be forced to hide ALL posts by the person, not related to the apps.


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