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How To Reset or Restore Your Nook To Factory Settings


How To Reset or Restore Your Nook To Factory Settings


Please note: that this tutorial is for the "Nook Classic", not the "Nook Color". If anyone has tested these methods with a "Nook Color" please post to let us know if they also work on the color device.

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How To Add Wallpaper To Your Barnes & Noble Nook

Wanna know how to add that cool custom wallpaper to your Nook? It's very simple, just follow these easy steps:

  • Download the wallpaper to your computer. (JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP formats only)
  • Plug your Nook into your computer via USB.
  • Locate the drive labeled "Nook" (unless you've renamed it).
  • Drag your new wallpaper(s) into the folder named "My Wallpaper" on that drive.
  • Eject your Nook using the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in your system tray.
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GeekDrop Custom Wallpapers For Your Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, And So On!

Check it out! GeekDrop wallpapers for your Nook, KindleAmazon, and so on!, Show the world your love for the Drop, let them all know you know your Geek! Not to mention, these are some slick looking wallpapers!

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Does My Nook Need a MicroSD Card? And How Do I Get WIFI?

Hi all, just got my nook, do I have to have a Micro SD card? It says I don't have one. Also what do I need to get wifi. I am 67 so please be patient.
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B&N Releases the Brand New eInk Nook with loads of enhancements! Details Here

YAY! Applause The big announcement by Barnes & Noble today is that they have created a brand new Nook eInk ereader! I'm still using the older "Classic" eInk version so I am very interested in hearing from others who get this new one and have already had the old one to see how they compare. Since it is soooo new so far I can't really speak about it yet from my own experience so I'm going to type in some of the new features in the new Nook as described by B&N:

Barnes & Noble wrote:
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"Opening Your Document" - My Nook is Stuck!

I have a PDF file that only shows me "Opening Your document" everytime I try to open it. It just hangs there with that error message and the lcd screen is lit but blank. Whats up with that?

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How To Update The Software On Your Nook

How To Update The Software / Firmware On Your B&N Nook

Updating the software on your Nook is a very simple process. Or at least is supposed to be, and usually is. Some people still get confused once in a while though, so here's a nice and simple tutorial on how to do it.

So, first things first, fire up that Nook of yours ...

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Petition to make B&N allow lending eBooks more than one time each (LendMe)

Petition to have B&N allow lending eBooks more than one time each (LendMe)

B&N Nook LendMe Petition

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"Error Downloading Update" on my Nook?

I'm getting an Error downloading update where the progress bar usually is while my Nook is trying to get the latest software update. Does anyone know how to fix this? I want my update! Day Dreaming


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The Color B&N Nook - eBook Reader - Are You Going To Buy One?

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