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GeekDrop Custom Wallpapers For Your Barnes & Noble Nook, Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, And So On!

Check it out! GeekDrop wallpapers for your Nook, KindleAmazon, and so on!, Show the world your love for the Drop, let them all know you know your Geek! Not to mention, these are some slick looking wallpapers!

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"full_ford" and "KFFOWI" Computer Showing in my Network Devices - What is it?

I have a strange, unidentified computer showing in my Explorer Network list. It shows as "full_ford" and when I look at it's Properties, it says "KFFOWI". I'm wondering if I got hacked?? Does anyone know what it is?

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registering kindle

Hi Guys, Yes I need more help, again.
I am trying to set up my KindleAmazon but I cannot remember the password for the wireless connection. So it either gives me an error message of wrong password, or not enough letters, or the message that I need a wireless connection to continue. When I ask for a map of my wireless connection I get an error message that a router might be incompatible, but I cannot find it on a scan. Does anyone have any suggestions about this sh*tstorm? I appreciate anything you can give me. Julie

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Calibre eBook Manager and Converter

I came upon calibre when I was searching for a program to convert an ebook to a format that was compatible with my ebook reader. This is one jammed packed program. Aside from converting any ebooks you might find on the internet to a format compatible with your ebook reader, it manages your ebook collection, it will send the ebooks right to your ebook reader, it also can download for you and store current daily newspapers and schedule their download for you daily.

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Is it Illegal To Download A Pirated E-Book If You Own The Hard Copy?

With all of the e-readers coming out and users wanting more e-books some are turning to piracy. Here is the ethical question if you own the book in hard back is it illegal to download a pirated version of it in e-book form? I mean lets think about this what really is pirating? True pirating is downloading something you didn't pay for. So you didn't pay for the ebook did you pirate? Or did you meet your legal obligation by paying the publisher and the author when you purchased their work? Should it matter that you purchased it in a different format? Wel

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How To Search And Find ebooks On Google

Have you ever wanted a certain ebook and couldn't find it? Well its basically all in the way you search. First go to Google then in the search put this:

intitle:index.of chm|pdf <book name here>

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Tablet vs HP Slate vs iPad vs Netbook

Regardless if you call it, a tablet, slate or a pad there are many different features out there. It basically comes down to what are you looking for in one. So I'm curious as to what are you looking for, what do you want?

Well the folks at Gizmodo came out with a guide as to who has what. Here's a comparison chart showing the features of an Apple iPad, HP Slate, JooJoo, Notion Ink Adam, Dell Mini 5 and Archos 7 Android:

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New e-Reader Puts Kindle To Shame

Ohhhhh check this out its the "skiff reader". Its larger and its flexable (you can roll it up like a paper)

Its made from Stainless Steel foil and not glass like the others. It can take a beating too, unlike the others. Its also larger, great for papers. The only drawback is that there is no color.

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Why Buy a Kindle When You Can Get the App for Free?

Saw this piece of news today and thought it was pretty cool!

Attention book-readers: KindleAmazon has an iPhone app that lets you do a lot of what you can do with a KindleAmazon, without the KindleAmazon. Also, Amazon says that a KindleAmazon Blackberry App is on the way as well! (yay!) So if you don't have access to a KindleAmazon or the 300-some odd dollars that it costs, have no fear!

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Amazon's Kindle v B&N's Nook

Amazon's Kindle 2 vs Barnes and Noble's Nook


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