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12 Free Classic eBooks Changing Weekly For Nook Owners!

If you're the lucky owner of a Barnes & Noble Nook, you can get 12 new (FREE) eBooks every week on their website. you might be thinking right now that these will just be your standard crappy books to help them promote thier product, but no no no friends ... these are full versions of timeless, beloved classics! Thumbs Up

Clicky Here for the link, and be sure to come by GeekDrop often for other sweet notifications like this! Smile

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Calibre eBook Manager and Converter

I came upon calibre when I was searching for a program to convert an ebook to a format that was compatible with my ebook reader. This is one jammed packed program. Aside from converting any ebooks you might find on the internet to a format compatible with your ebook reader, it manages your ebook collection, it will send the ebooks right to your ebook reader, it also can download for you and store current daily newspapers and schedule their download for you daily.

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Is it Illegal To Download A Pirated E-Book If You Own The Hard Copy?

With all of the e-readers coming out and users wanting more e-books some are turning to piracy. Here is the ethical question if you own the book in hard back is it illegal to download a pirated version of it in e-book form? I mean lets think about this what really is pirating? True pirating is downloading something you didn't pay for. So you didn't pay for the ebook did you pirate? Or did you meet your legal obligation by paying the publisher and the author when you purchased their work? Should it matter that you purchased it in a different format? Wel

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Free iPhone E-book Reader Apps

Here are a few more free iPhone E-book Reader Apps available for download for your iPhone.

All all compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

1. B&N eReader (Barnes & Noble)

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Free eBooks Websites

Here are some links to get free eBooks, for your eReader (or whatever you want to use to read them). Feel free to add more, we could use a bigger list!
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How To Search And Find ebooks On Google

Have you ever wanted a certain ebook and couldn't find it? Well its basically all in the way you search. First go to Google then in the search put this:

intitle:index.of chm|pdf <book name here>

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