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Current List of Companies / Websites Dropping Webmaster Affiliates Due to New Internet Tax Law (Amazon, etc.)


So, ever since Illinois Gov. Quinn signed HB 3659 into law, websites / companies have been dropping it's Illinois affiliates like they were holding an atom bomb. The discussion is; are these companies just trying to skirt paying their taxes, or are the states that are enacting these new internet taxes to blame?

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Amazon Fires All Illinois Associates - Who's Really To Blame? Gov. Quinn or


Illinois Amazon Affiliates Shut Down Due To Gov. Quinn

Illinois Amazon Affiliates Shut Down Due To Gov. Quinn
(Gov. Quinn's signed HB 3659 into law, so Amazon dropped its Illinois-based affiliates.)
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Amazon Firing All Illinois Affiliates Due To New Internet Tax Law - Way To Go Illinois Politicians ...

So if you're an Amazon Affiliate (someone who partners with, sending customers to them in order to get a cut of a potential sale) like thousands of us out there, guess what? If you're also from Illinois you just got the shaft, thanks to a new "Internet Tax" law passed in that state. Way to go guys! You fail miserably at managing your money, so you stick it to us!

Here's the email sent to all of it's Illinois Publishers:


Income Tax!

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Tax Time

Tax time is here. I hate tax time, the last few years I've been doing the filing myself as in, Up until last year I loved it but for some reason last year when I filed, it indicated I was in for a decent refund. So I was happy, until the IRS informed me that instead of getting X amount refunded I owed X amount Confused I was so mad, and still am, I mean isn't Turbotax suppose to guide you through this mess and make sure that all your entries are correct before you file? Guess not.


Income Tax Day Poll (4-15-09)

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