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Twitter is saying "Email is invalid" when I try to change my settings?

I just tried changing some basic settings in my Twitter (NOT my email) and when I clicked Save it said "Email is invalid". This is the same Gmail address that I've been using on the account since day one with no problems. What gives??

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Who visits my Twitter page? Is there a tracker for Twitter?

I've been hearing that there are trackers that will tell who is visiting my Twitter profile, shows their IP Address and profile picture plus other details, Can someone tell me how to install a twitter tracker on my twitter profile? TIA!

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Do you Twitter? Twitter Worm: Acai Berry Attack

Twitter worm: Acai Berry Attack

A new worm is flooding Twitter accounts, enticing people to read information about acai berries or "acainews". The tweet typically starts off with the person claiming weight loss after drinking acai berry extracts and shows links to "acainews". The Acai Berry worm spreads like wild fire as it sends out thousands of tweets per minute. What’s more is that it has hijacked a large number of twitter accounts turning them into spammers. This attack has been the fastest-spreading in Twitter’s security history.

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Facebook & Twitter Viral Trend: The Number Game

The Number Game

Hot on the tail of the "Change your profile picture to a cartoon character to fight child abuse" Facebook game is the "Numbers Game".

Facebook viral trend number game twitter

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BP's Spoof Twitter ROFL

Well we all know what a nightmare the BP oil spill is. Lets face it they are a PR nightmare and just as they try and make it better it just gets worse. For example the photoshop pics they posted BP's PR Nightmare Photoshop FAIL totally back fired on them. Well now there is a spoof Twitter account as them (its not them but a joke):

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10 top Twitter tools for WordPress

Top 10 Twitter tools for WordPress

  • TweetSuite a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin that includes server-side TweetBacks, ReTweet-This buttons, digg-like Tweet-This Button, automatic tweeting of new posts and some widgets.
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