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SkyGrid For iPad and iPhone

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About SkyGrid

SkyGrid is a new way to experience the Web.

Who enjoys SkyGrid

  • SkyGrid is for people who are interested in the seeing what events, people and topics are spreading the fastest across the Web. If you're interested in the latest information on sports teams, entertainment, world events, or the long list of other things that are constantly changing, then SkyGrid is for you. SkyGrid is a new experience on the Web, a platform for browsing streams of relevant, personalized and prioritized information as it happens.

How SkyGrid Works

  • "How does it do that?" is one of the most common things we hear from people using SkyGrid. We think we hear this so often, because SkyGrid really is surprising people with how well it works. SkyGrid works in three simple steps.

  • First SkyGrid goes around the Web and gathers up all the information that’s changing. This changing information is from top mainstream news sites, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, product review sites, and many others. This quickly adds up to a whole lot of information which is why it’s so important we filter it for you.

  • SkyGrid filters the information to find the things we think you’ll find exciting to discover and share with others. Common examples are world events, sports updates, entertainment news, and other things that people like to share. SkyGrid has over 25 different filters to make the streams you view high quality. Some of the things people using SkyGrid are most excited about are our patent-pending SkyView algorithm that filters for reputation and velocity. These words probably sound a bit technical, and let us quickly describe each one. Reputation just means we always want to show things only from people you trust (think about the difference on Facebook from getting a friend request with a picture of someone you may know vs. the blank silhouette image). Velocity shows you the information that’s changing the fastest. It’s always exciting to know what others are also finding exciting.
  • The final step is the simplest — SkyGrid streams to your web device. We always have Featured Streams, which let you know the things that are spreading the fastest on the Web. Or you can look at different categories like Sports, World Events, Entertainment, and many others. Or you can tell SkyGrid exactly what you want to stream browse, and immediately see streams of relevant, personalized and prioritized information as it happens.

Available for the iPad and iPhone

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