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Dark Nord Material Theme for WallaBag

A Dark Nord Material Theme for WallaBag based on the Nord Theme color palette:

 This CSS was created specifically for use with Stylish / Stylus (browser extensions) due to being much easier

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Newbie question: CSS Sprites or Web Slices?

I am trying to speed up page loading times on my blog with a lot of images on it. I am totally confused whether I should use Slices or Sprites though, and I'm not even sure how to do either one of them. Can anyone give me some help?

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CSS Help - My Browser isn't showing my new changes?

I was hoping someone here could help me out - I'm working on a website that uses xHTML and CSS style sheets, and anytime I make any changes to my stylesheet and press the Reload button on my browsers (Opera and Firefox) I'm not seeing the changes I made? Any help most appreciated!

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How can I change font color and font size without CSS in Dreamweaver CS5?

In previous versions of Adobe Dreamweaver in the properties bar you could highlight some text and just choose font size and / or color, so that it would wrap the text in old fashioned <font size=> and <font color=> tags. I still want to be able to do this non-manually, using a color picker and selection box, and without using CSS to do it, just like the earlier versions of Dreamweaver.

Anyone know how to do this or has it been removed and completely replaced by CSS?

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