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Facebook Tracker - Profile Watcher V2.1 - eProView

Another False FaceBook Tracker

The latest one to crop up is one called "Profile Watcher V2.1e". It makes claims of "100% working method", "See who viewed your profile", "this facebook tracker actually works", "Now you can really see who viewed your profile", and so on.

As you can see by the screenshots, of a facebook user who tried it out, in her own words highlighted below, it "doesn't work".

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I'm able to see comments and Likes of blocked people on Facebook right now!

Since the new changes on Facebook I am suddenly able to see comments and Likes of people I have either blocked or have blocked me. Their name shows as black and not clickable, but the comments are there instead of hidden like before. It seems ot be wishy washy though, sometimes it seems that they may hide again. I saw one comment from a blocked person, and then when I clicked the "View all X comments" link, the persons comment was hidden again. Other time clicking the View all link still shows their comments. And sometimes the Likes will still hide them, sometimes not.

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How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

How To Tell If Your Facebook Account Has Been Hacked

Here's one very good method to stay on top of your Facebook account, and get immediately alerted via email and SMS text message (if you choose to) if someone accesses your account. Setting this up is quick & easy, just follow this slick tutorial.

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One Step Test To See How Private Your Facebook Is

Well with all of the facebook privacy changes you might be shocked to find that something you though was private is now public for the world to see. Easy fix huh? Well it is if you know where to look and ALL of the spots to look in since facebook likes to make it not so easy to find.


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