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How to post pics at GeekDrop!

So... you're officially a Dropper, and you wanna start posting all kinds of cool threads, and wish a Happy Birthday to your fellow droppers? But you don't know how to post that perfect birthday picture you've picked out? Well let's work that out for you!

First of all, you'll need to find that perfect picture. When you do, go save it to your Photobucket

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When I "Flatten" layers or items in an image does it make the final file size smaller?

I'm sort of a beginner to photo editing and was wondering when I use the option to flatten layers or items in Photoshop or Snag-It will the final image size be smaller when I save it, or does it not make any difference at all? I'm trying to reduce my images as much as possible without losing any noticeable image quality.

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How to Output Snag-it Captures Directly To

One of my all-time favorite programs is Snag-It. But one feature it lacks, (and I've seen requests on their forums for it, which Techsmith keeps ignoring for some reason Frustrated ), is the ability to directly send a captured (and edited if you choose) screenshot directly to, the popular free image Hosting place, from within the program, the same way you can send captures to other programs or email, and so on.

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ImageShack Free Image Hosting

Alot of you already have a photobucket account or other photo Hosting account but what if you want a account to host a pic that is 1280 × 1024 or larger well Photobucket wont let you save the image at that resolution so I suggest Image shack !

Go to image shack by clicking link below !

I use it alot and its great for background on your myspace or other profiles !

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Imageshack, Photobucket & Flickr iPhone Apps

Ok now there is a handy iPhone App to upload images from you iPhone to ImageShack: Clicky
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How to use Photobucket

So, I'm sure you've heard someone say "Upload it to Photobucket", which sounds so easy. But what if you don't know what Photobucket is, nonetheless how to use it? Well I'm gonna give ya all the basics right here. I know, I know... "Critter, you're the BEST... now I won't feel so lost in the sauce"

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How to Morph a picture

Well there are a number of different programs out there to morph photographs but for this I'm going to show you one I use called Abrosoft FantaMorph (I use the Deluxe one). If you want to check it out they have a 30 day trial offer.

So what is the difference between a animated gif and a Morph. Well a animated gif is generally just a flash like slide show in a pic where as a morph is where the one picture turns into the other.

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Screen Shots made easy

How To Create A Screenshot For Free, Using No Extra Software

So you need to take a screen-shot for some reason but you have no idea how. It's pretty easy, so let me explain how, and Laughing I'll use screen shots in my explanation Big Grin

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Photobucket - I'm so irked!

Does anyone recommend a better image Hosting site than PB? One where they don't decided that they're going to delete a long string of images for no reason. (Warning, rant below)


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