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How To Fix an Overheating Laptop (WITHOUT having to take it apart!)

I recently was repairing a few problems with a Toshiba Satellite laptop (L305D-S5938 in this particular case) for someone and was getting nowhere real fast, because it overheated if you just looked at it funny. The second something normal caused the fan to get a little louder, *poof*, off it went; just shut right off in the middle of whatever you were doing. And on top of that, when it wasn't shutting off, it just took foreverrrrr to do anything. Anything.

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How Do Turn On Sony Vaio Touchpad??


I need help with a problem with my Sony Vaio laptop serial # PCG-71318L.

  1. I need to replace my wireless mouse.

  2. The touchpad is turned off and I cannot figure out how to turn it on among the control panel options. I see on online forums others had this problem but I see no solutions.

  3. I have tried to install 2 new wireless mice. When I do this the new mice do not work.

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My kid wants a laptop for xmas...

Got any ideas of what I should look into? I'm technologically challenged..

Susie (via Facebook)

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What Do You Do When You Spill Liquid On Your Laptop?

So I'm on the phone with my nephew and he tells me that he spilled orange juice all over the keyboard on his laptop, what's the best thing to do with it? He says that it's still working and he put it on the radiator (is that smart?) I told him that it will probably start acting weird sooner or later, so far it hasn't, what's the best thing to do at this stage?

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Volume Not Working on Laptop

My volume in not working on the laptop, in particular youtube videos, any ideas? The volume is turned on, is there something else I can try?

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What is the difference between putting a computer/laptop in "sleep" mode vs "hibernate" mode?

so StaRDoGG can you tell me what the difference is? it seems to me that they both serve the same purpose but i know there has to be a difference, so please enlighten me with your infinite wisdom

(This is for Dumbfound the DoGG)


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