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Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

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Guest Buck D's picture
Guest Buck D
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

On my computer I have an uninstaller with this program.It came with it.I think I got it with 3dmax.

Kingfisher's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

hmmm I'm no expert but I am very suss. I have never had this Akamai NetSession appear before but all of a sudden today (14th May, 2014) my firewall is warning me. I do notice a correlation with 2 days ago I inadvertently accidently downloaded some MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware named 'conduit' and a whole host of malicious goodies... I thought I was downloading some 'paintbrushes' for Adobe Illustrator -wasn't I in for a surprise! Beware anything linked with a program called 'Conduit" or " BrowserProtect" and this dang annoying webhijack thing called 'Trovi'.... It's all bad news and I went to a lot of trouble to try and find all related files and delete these things - they litterally hijacked Google Chrome and Windows Explorer and were redirecting me all over the place with bundles of advertising. My gut feeling is that this sudden warning about Akamai is somehow linked to all that stuff - it's all come up on my computer at the same time and I have never had these issues before. Doing some background checks on the Akamai company it does seem legit BUT it seems to be a platfrom for advertisers and 'mirror/duplicate' websites - so there's a chance it is a legit program being used for sinister intentions by bad dudes... Beware! It's total bull*** when little sneaky programs start taking over and connecting to webpages without permission .... it's unethical and it really demonstrates a lack of respect and transparency by whoever made it... I'm gonna try and delete this Akamai NetSession jazz ... Sends up all my red flags..

Aroz01's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

 Yeh I Found All Those DL'd On My Comp Also{C:|Users|(MyName)|AppData|Local

Tryed Shft+Del 
No Go away{Pisses Me Off That Folder Is In Use But Doesnt Tell Me What Program Or Open File Is Using It}
Googleing&Youtubing Registry Cleaners|Shadow Copy Deleters|Antivirus Programs|Virus Names|Hex Programs That Send A Virus Back To Senders|Add Blockers Seems To Get Me Back To The Same Old Routine
Use Cleaners N WhatNot|LookUp Stuff I Dont Know About Thats In The Same Folder Area|Ctrl+Alt+Del{TaskManager}|End Process{N Sometimes Process Tree}|Resource Monitor{Suspend Processes}|The Good Ol' Shft+Del Programs & Files That Doesnt Even Work Most The Time HeHaH!
Whell... I Am Off To Look For The Process Trees Of These Viruses & AddWare MalwareMalwarebytes Anti-virus / Anti-malware So I Can Play My MMO's|RPG's N Watch Netflix WithOut Lag Hopefuly For A Little Bit Roflz



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Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

 Well its keeping me from playing Landmark.

SyrisRodello's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

According to my system, Akamai was installed on April 1st. But I didn't download or install anything until April 2nd. If you want, go ahead and uninstall it. The worst that can happen is that a game or program won't run and will need to be re-installed. Window's isn't dependent on this file.

fuzodoesroblox's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

You CAN uninstall it using a specific program called Revo Uninstaller, however it is a paid access program, but you still can download a 30 days trial.
Hopefully this can get rid of your problem.

RoCu's picture
Re: Akamai NetSession - Is this a virus? What is it?

I have it on my computer. It activates when I play Dungeons and Dragons Online. When I log into DDO game, Akamai checks and downloads updates to game program on my computer. Have never had a problem with it, if anything downloads seem to go faster with it than with out.

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