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Calibre eBook Manager and Converter

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Re: Calibre eBook Manager and Converter
WannaDance wrote:

I just don't understand what everyone else likes it for. Even organizing - what's the point

I hope this link helps to better describe, what the main purpose of Calibre's organizational features are for.


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Re: Calibre eBook Manager and Converter
WannaDance wrote:

I also have full Adobe which is nice to edit the PDF's to remove any "dead space".

Do you prefer the doPDF printer over the full Adobe's built in PDF printer? If so, why? I'm just wondering if it gives better results than the real one?

ty - Kim

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Re: Calibre eBook Manager and Converter

I've never used the Adobe one. I had DoPDF first,liked it, and have always stuck with it. I don't like to fix what's not broken.

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