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Cancel Your Cable, Watch TV on an Xbox

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"Forget all the yammering about the forced digital upgrade on June 12: After years of gripping a wretched remote and looking at lousy menus, I'm Comcastrating my cable service. Or, at least, I'm seriously considering doing so. After test-driving one $40 app for a couple of weeks, I'm ready to chuck that crummy cable box into the trash and forget about the digital-upgrade scheme. This is the story of PlayOn, the software that could ruin everything for cable providers--if the bugs are ever ironed out"

I haven't tried this out yet but it is something that sparks my interest. I think cable companies need a little healthy competition, so take a read, it may just be worth looking into if the bugs are ever ironed out that is, but thats usually just a matter of time.

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Re: Cancel Your Cable, Watch TV on an Xbox

That would be cool if you had a XBOXXBOX for each TV but I'm a house of 7 TV's and only one XBOXXBOX I would love to tell Comcast to stick it. *serious love hate relationship*

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