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Here are some of the sites I love to get PC parts (and so much more) at (click on the pics to see the sites)

By far Newegg is my favorite. I've built a few custom PC's and I would say that 90% of the parts came from there. They have ultra fast shipping and you simply can't beat the prices. Also if you have a issue with a product they are great to work with They also have some great SPECIALS (I check them out daily)

Another great site that has some great buys. I've gotten quite a bit from them. Fast shipping and should you have a issue they are easy to work with if you need to do a return. This is a store that has really good sales and one I check out every Friday because at frys its Fryyyyyday! If your lucky you live in a area where there is a store. I don't but I have visited the one in Indianapolis - it was like having a Geek Ooooooooo Laughing

Another great site that has some great deals on PC parts. They have some great deals on Tower cases. You can even buy a case from them and have them powder coat it (custom paint it). They didn't have that when I built my pc or you know I would have so rocked a pink pc - Laughing. Ok great prices and easy to work with if you need to do any returns.

So if you have a great source online for PC parts or MAC (the sites above also sell MAC products too) then share Smile

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