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The GeekDrop Oath

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So this is my version of The Hippocratic Oath...for us current GeekDroppers and all other GeekDroppers to come. (Yeah, I'm bored.)

(Originally written by Me In Wonderland)

I hereby swear to fulfill, to the best of my capabilities and sense, this covenant:

I will respect the hard-won technological gains of those Geeks whose steps I follow, and geekily share the knowledge that is mine, with all other geeks who come along.

I will use, for the benefit of the technologically challenged, all measures necessary, avoiding all fluff answers, and wild guesses. I will not forget there is an art to being a GeekDropper, as well as smarter than others. And that patience, creativity, and open-mindedness may outweigh the hackers exploits or the throwing out of perfectly useable computers.

I will not be ashamed to admit when a virus is bigger than me, nor will I hesitate to call in my fellow GeekDroppers when the brain of another is needed to write up an HTML code.

I will respect the privacy of my fellow Droppers, as their software issues are not revealed to me so that the all of the cyber world may find out. Oh wait, scratch that. But, I WILL tread carefully in all matters regarding copyrights and the illegal hacking of others personal accounts. As a matter of fact, I will not tread there at all.
But it may be within my power to be given access to a less knowledgable Dropper's security details (if said person so chooses) so that I may help them rid themselves of any spyware, trojan, etc...

Above all, I must not play Mr/Mrs. Misinformation.

I will remember that I am member of the GeekDrop family and, as such, have special obligations.
If I do not violate any of the TOS, may I enjoy the internet, debates about PC's vs. Macs, my binary clock, Sci-fi, and all other things geeky.

May I always behave in a way that makes the Geekdom proud so long as I choose the way of the Geek...

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Re: The Geek Oath it....can we make edit suggestions...

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