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iPhone and iPod App Swapping To Get Paid Apps FREE

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My son has a iPod touch 64 and hes buddy came over last night with a iphone. I learned a new trick that the kids are now doing. If you have a iPod or a iPhone you can swap apps that your friend bought for FREE. This does not require any jailbreaking, its just a simple trick.

Here is how to get the apps for free by swapping them. You have to log into itunes on your friends device once your friend is in your itunes simply have them add the apps that you have that you paid for. Like my son has "Stick Wars" so his buddy wanted it. His buddy logged into my son's itunes on his iPhone then added the app. Once he went to add it the app popped up saying "you have already added this would you like do download it for FREE" - yes you do. After you have snagged all of their apps then log out of their itunes account. Doing that with a few friends you can really build up your apps and for FREE. Now when you plug your ipod or iphone into itunes it will not see the apps - like they are not there but they don't disappear and they they are still there on your device.

Because you are sharing your password I do recommend that you change your password on itunes after doing this with a group of friends. I also recommend that you log into your itunes account on your friends device vs giving them your password. Once your finished with the swap make sure that they log out of your itunes account.

Happy Swapping and enjoy Smile

If you found this helpful then you should check out Its free to join and lots of great information.

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Re: iPhone and iPod App Swapping To Get Paid Apps FREE

Note: doing this has one downfall the app cannot be updated without the persons password EVER !

Even if your ipod or Iphone is jailbroken !

I have done this also but some of the app are now free That I got doing this including Mobsters !

If you have a app you can't update goto itunes and see if its free ? If it is free delete old app and download new version with you itunes account settings I have a few that are not on my account still but I found out it is a pain in the A** to use this method and once you get an update you have to do it all over again !

Apple was smart on the way they do this ! you can allow up to 5 accounts now on one itunes program !

I suggust if app is cheap JUST buy it , but if its $99 or so just do the above method,but you wont be able to update it without password.

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Re: iPhone and iPod App Swapping To Get Paid Apps FREE

ill swap itunes accounts ive got about 30 apps really good apps what about you

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