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Just a few iPhone tips and tricks

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Many of you iPhone users may already know these. But for those just starting out with this most awesome of phones, here's a few shortcuts and things you may not have discovered just yet.

1. Press and hold letters of the keyboard to bring up different variations of that letter.

iphone tips and tricks

2. In Safari, you can type in the main domain of a site into the url, without the .www or .com. So to get to your favorite geek site all you have to do is type in "geekdrop" and voilà ! You're there.

3. Also, while using Safari, if you'd like to make the keyboard larger, first rotate the phone horizontally.

4. While typing a URL you can hold down the ".com" button and it will bring up the following options:
.net, .edu, .org

5. When using the iPod feature, you are given 5 buttons on the bottom. Playlist, Artists, Songs, Videos, More. Want to switch those up? Easy. Click on More->Edit. Once in the 'Configure' area, just hold and drag whichever new button you want to use, and place it on top of the button you want to replace.

iphone tips & tricks
(Original buttons. To replace the Playlist, Artists, Songs, or Videos, follow the steps above)

6. Downloaded an app you now want to delete? Simple. Just hold down the app icon and, once it starts to wiggle, press the 'X' to delete. This also works to drag and move icons around.

7. When using the keyboard, you don't have to go through a 3 step process to use numbers or punctuations.

Example- clicking down the number key iphone tips & tricks , then clicking the number/punctuation, then clicking the Alphabet key.

iphone tips & tricks

Instead, you can click on the number key, slide your finger to the number/punctuation you want to use, then release. You will then be taken back to the Alpha keyboard.

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Re: Just a few iPhone tips and tricks

I'll add more as I think of them, but here are three more:

No matter what page your on, you can double tap the home button and it will pull up the music page. You can do the same while the screen is in sleep mode. Just doubletap and you can change songs and play with how loud it is.

When your on the net, everyone knows you can double tap the page to make it bigger. However, if you want to control the size of the page, you can put your fingers together, then push them apart while touching the screen. This makes it bigger. Likewise, a little ways apart and pull them close together, making the page smaller again.

Need a screenshot? Hit the power button and the home button at the same time.

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