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Lets Argue

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Ok so put your game face on and lets argue.....

Wired did a article on the

Top 10 Ways to Provoke a Geek Argument

What geeks dont argue - uh huh I'm going to admit that some of the ppl they mention I had no clue to who they were and yes that knocked some of my geek points down but I googled (and provided links for you). So of these top 10 which tends to ruffle your feathers some?

  • No real programmer would ever use PHP.
  • Comic books are just for kids!
  • Role-playing games are just for people who can't deal with real life.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean movies are so realistic!
  • Yeah, I got an XBOX 360XBOX 360 so my daughter could play Hello Kitty games. Is it really good for anything else?
  • Mac, Windows, or Linux? Does it really make a difference?
  • The Ewoks were the best thing about the original Star Wars trilogy. Greedo shot first!
  • Tolkien? Ehhh, I prefer Terry Brooks!
  • Joss Whedon is a hack!
  • I don't see what's so bad about DRM!

ok for me personally well I guess I could admit that #5 can ruffle me up some yeah and I can argue #1

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Hell. Where else?
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Re: Lets Argue

Does anyone really think the Ewoks were... well, good?
The Greedo shooting first thing is kinda a big deal to a lot of Star Wars fanatics...

I can attest that more than most of the comics out there today are either not-for-kids at all, or at least geared to an older and more sophisticated audience than in the past.

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Re: Lets Argue

i Star Wars and i Ewoks... there i said it. deal with it. Tongue


oh and absolutely on the comics thing. there are DEF some out there that children should NOT be privy to.

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Re: Lets Argue

Definitely true about the comics Devil. The same can be said for a whole lot of video games too, but because the media is so out of the loop on both of them its never gonna be perceived as anything more than a kids thing I think

Oh yeah and Boba Fett could have taken out all the ewoks by himself.

Greedo shooting first was stupid(thats going on my tombstone)

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Re: Lets Argue

up yours terry brooks!

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