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Mafia Wars Achievements (Facebook)

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Here is a List of all the Achievements that you can earn in Mafia Wars and How.

If you have any tips about how to better achieve them please post below!

You can check your Achievement progress when you go to your MW profile and under Achievements click the button "See All."

  • One Down
Earned by mastering at least one stage in New York

  • What else you got?
    What else you got?
    Earned by mastering all New York job tiers
  • Unstoppable
    Earned by winning 15 fights in a row
  • Armed & Dangerous
    Armed & Dangerous
    Earned by owning 10 Tommy guns
  • Personal Fleet
    Personal Fleet
    Earned by owning 500 town cars
  • Collector
    Earned by vaulting any collection set
  • Curator
    Earned by vaulting at least nine New York collection sets
  • Wing Man
    Wing Man
    Earned by helping out 10 friends who call for backup
  • Mercenary
    Earned by helping out 200 friends who call for backup
  • Giver
    Earned by sending ten gifts to your mafia
  • Spreading it Around
    Spreading it Around
    Earned by sending 501 gifts to your mafia
  • Banana Republic
    Banana Republic
    Earned by owning all six businesses in Cuba
  • Havana Hat Trick
    Havana Hat Trick
    Earned by mastering at least one job tier in Cuba
  • No Razors Needed
    No Razors Needed
    Earned by vaulting the entire beard collection
  • Like a Hurricane
    Like a Hurricane
    Earned by winning 1000 fights in Cuba
  • International
    Earned by collecting over 1,000,000 Cuban Pesos
  • Big Business
    Big Business
    Earned by fully upgrading a single Cuban business other than the Bodega
  • Tycoon
    Earned by fully upgrading all six Cuban businesses
  • Working Man
    Working Man
    Earned by doing 20 jobs in one day
  • Dependable
    Earned by doing a job every day for seven days
  • Slum Lord
    Slum Lord
    Earned by owning 30 Apartment Complexes
  • Cashing Out
    Cashing Out
    Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinos
  • Knife Thrower
    Knife Thrower
    Earned by looting 10 Butterfly Knives
  • Uncle Sam
    Uncle Sam
    Earned by owning 50 Federal Agents
  • Bulletproof
    Earned by surviving for over 60 minutes on the Hitlist
  • The Best Offense...
    The Best Offense...
    Earned by defeating 6 attackers in a row
  • Hitman
    Earned by collecting a bounty from the Hitlist
  • Bounty Hunter
    Bounty Hunter
    Earned by collecting 50 bounties from the Hitlist
  • Master Collector
    Master Collector
    Earned by vaulting all of the New York and Cuba collections
  • Next!
    Earned by mastering all Cuban job tiers
  • Dedicated
    Earned by logging in and completing a job 20 days in a row
  • Set Them up for Later
    Set Them up for Later
    Earned by losing 10 fights in a row
  • Brawler
    Earned by winning 100 fights in a row
  • It’s Good to be the King
    It’s Good to be the King
    Earned by being promoted to at least 10 friends’ top mafia
  • First Blood
    First Blood
    Earned by declaring and winning a war
  • Veteran
    Earned by participating in 500 wars
  • Back In The U.S.S.R.
    Back In The U.S.S.R.
    Earned by vaulting the Soviet Memorabilia collection
  • Napoleon Complex
    Napoleon Complex
    Earned by defeating someone with a bigger mafia
  • The First is the Hardest
    The First is the Hardest
    Earned by depositing $1,000,000 at once (after bank fee)
  • Personal Bailout
    Personal Bailout
    Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000 at once (after bank fee)
  • That's with a
    That's with a "T"
    Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000,000 at once (after fees)
  • Nest Egg
    Nest Egg
    Earned by depositing $10,000,000,000,000 at once (after fees)
  • Island Bound
    Island Bound
    Earned by travelling to Cuba
  • My Little Friend
    My Little Friend
    Earned by gifting an M16A1 to a friend
  • Big Spender
    Big Spender
    Earned by purchasing an item or service with Reward Points
  • Treasure Hunter
    Treasure Hunter
    Earned by finding a Rare Item in a Mystery Crate
  • Getting the Crew Together
    Getting the Crew Together
    Earned by promoting friends to each Top Mafia position
  • Crime C.E.O.
    Crime C.E.O.
    Earned by assembling a Top Mafia with all players above level 100
  • What's after Trillion?
    What's after Trillion?
    Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars
  • That's Amore
    That's Amore
    Earned by giving a Diamond Ring to any player below level 8
  • Rossiya Matushka
    Rossiya Matushka
    Earned by travelling to Moscow
  • Pank n' Spank
    Pank n' Spank
    Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov
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