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My Cat's Paw is Infected - How To Cure It?

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Re: My Cat's Paw is Infected - How To Cure It?

1. BLEACH - DONT wash your floors, or any kitchen,bathroom or any other areas with bleach. Bleach DOES NOT kill germs or bacteria, it just makes them look white so you cant see them.
Cats paws are very delicate and absorb moisture.
Test this yourself= splash a little bleach on your shower floor and tread on it. See how quickly the bottom of your foot gets maddeningly itchy.
2. DONT BUY BLEACH, its useless.
3. If you have used bleach, or any cleaning product that contains bleach WASH ALL SURFACES with WHITE VINEGAR. Dont dilute it. And DONT use the same mop you used the bleach with. Using a towel is ok.
You should wash each surface twice.
And remember your cat leaps onto all surfaces, and may even bat the wall tiles if theres a fly or moth or shadow on it.
Leave the white vinegar on the surface, you dont need to wash it away.

If you arent able to get to a vet, mix plain household disinfectant in water. Hold your cat and dunk the whole foot into the mix.
You can use a coffee cup, or mixing bowl. Note I have had a fair few coffee cups knocked over.
NOTE: your cat will not like this and it is painful. You only need to dip it until the whole paw is wet, not hold it in there. 3 seconds is enough.
Do this TWICE a day until the cat is walking ok. The cat is usually putting their foot back on the floor in less than 2 days. Continue every day until you are able to apply light pressure to the foot without the cat "telling you" its still painful, or you can see the wound is gone. 5-7 days.
IF your cat is especially gnarly, you can wrap them in a towel before dunking, or in extreme cases you can add the disinfectant/water mix into a bathtub or similar and lower the whole cat in and let them jump out.
I recommend wearing long sleeved something...
You can also add the mix to a water sprayer bottle, or a childs water pistol, and take opportunity shots while the paw is "displayed"
after a day or two the swelling will go down, the pain will reduce and then you can dip a finger in the solution and wipe it between the toes.

You can also use:
Strepsils throat spray. It contains an anasethic and an anti bacterial and cures infections, so the cat gets pain relief. But be warned, this spray makes a hissing sound, which the cat wont like.
SM 33 - this also has pain relief but you'll need to apply it with a cotton bud, and I DONT like your chances.

If your cats problem is not bleach, it could simply be dermititus that has become infected, or an allergy.
It really doesnt matter, the cat needs pain relief and a cure.

Please note your cats temperature and go to a vet if you need to. My cats foot swelled to her shoulder, all the muscles cramped and locked and she was near screaming in twisted agony.

I love my cat.

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Re: My Cat's Paw is Infected - How To Cure It?


My cat has the EXACT same problem. Have you ever found out what it was?

Thanks a billion in advance.

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