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Netflix Error UI-502 - [Solution]

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Are you getting a Netflix. Error UI-502?

From our reports it seems that this usually happens on PS3 systems (Sony playstation), but may also happen on others. We also have one report here on the GeekDrop help forums of it happening after they used our Netflix Error AIP-701 hack.

Sometimes it also says:

Netflix Device wrote:

This device has been deactivated. There could be a problem with your account or it could have been deactivated through

(We have found tweaking the Netflix Help Page's steps to our way usually works a bit better.)

Here's our solution for fixing the UI-502 error:

  1. Unplug your devices (any order):

    • (PS3 or whichever streaming device you're getting the UI-502 error on).

    • Router / hub or anything similar.

    • Modem, be it DSL, Cable or whatever.

  2. Let them sit unplugged for about 1 minute or so, to let all the juice out of them, (Pro Tip: pressing any buttons on them may help speed that up a bit.)

  3. Plug them all back in, one at a time, letting them fully go through any power-on routines, in this order:

  4. If for some reason you get the infamous AIP-701 Error, we have the solution here, that has been reported to work very successfully.

Netflix UI-502 - [Solution] - GeekDrop
(Screenshot of: Netflix original solution page)

If you have any other tips or tricks for resolving the UI-502 error, please post them in our comments! Also, we'd love comments on whether or not this worked or failed for you as well.

I Averaged: 3.2 | 4 votes

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Re: Netflix Error UI-502 - [Solution]

Original error ui-502: encountered on Nintendo Wii, reloaded Netflix software and error resolved to error ui-108. Inspected router ip assignments, located multiple devices with duplicate ip's. My router frequently assigns duplicate ip's, a quick router reset resolves this issue. Just be warned if you or your family operates a small network (ex: smartphones, pc's, consoles, or tv's) there is potential of conflicting ip's and your system may be unable to properly notify you of this exact issue. Reset router, and device, all is well.

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Re: Netflix Error UI-502 - [Solution]

I'm having trouble getting to load on Netflix i'm even be able to long in.

YouTube and other apps work fine on the TV so it's not an internet problem. Also I'm able to get Netflix up on my phone so again not an internet problem. I've tried the answer Google gave me, which was to unplug the TV for a minute and then hold power button for 5 seconds, didn't work, reset the tv didnt work, reset modem router didnt work all the google answers seem to be wrong for me i cant get to Netflix since saturday in my smart tv I'm desperately hoping someone here will have an answer.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Netflix Error UI-502 - [Solution]

Hi Dayana,

  • You don't mention which Smart TV you have?
  • Is there a way to uninstall and then re-install the Netflix app?
  • Have you tried the trick listed on this page already? Or can you not even get to it because you can't login?

Shhh.. dont tell anyone, but we also have a private forum area with the really good stuff, see?

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