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Psychic Readings - Can you tell the real psychic's from the scammers?

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So can ya? "True psychic's" call the scammers "gypsies" and claim to dislike them as much as anyone else, even going so far as to recommend that if you come across these "gypsies" to report them to your local police station, since they get away with it because people just keep quiet about it, maybe out of embarrassment that they're going to a psychic in the first place? I don''t Know

They even give you some tips on how to spot "gypsies", one being if they have a glowing neon sign in their window advertising psychic readings and/or tarot card readings, they're scammers. One such "real" psychic who pointed out that tip does his psychic readings via Skype.. for $120 a pop, in advance "to better service you". He also sells candles that harness the vibrations of the earth, and all you have left to do is light it and focus on what you want. Thinking

So I found this website interesting... Gypsy Psychic Scams

It has a lot of tips on how to spot the scammers, tons of users reporting how they were scammed, pictures of known scamming psychic readers' houses... actually one of the tricks of psychic reading scammers is to operate out of some ramshackle, small, humble house, and live for real in virtual mansions, all from the suckering of gullible victims. It even has a (small, so far) database of scammers that you can search in your state for.

Do you think these scamming psychic and tarot card readers should locked up? Or is it better to let them operate freely and just "let the buyer beware"?

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