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Which Multivitamin Should I Get?

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SWEET MOSES!! I never realized how HARD this would be ...

I'm on the search for the perfect, one-a-day multivitamin. It would seem like my requirements are extremely simple, however, like everything else, it's turning out to be a chore. All I want is a quality brand (like Centrum) so I know the vitamins/minerals actually work, that has ALL of the daily vitamins and minerals required by a healthy human being, from A-Z, at the 100% RDA for each one, plus CoQ10, Lyocopene, (both at the 100% "ideal" levels), no or very little iron, because it's not so good for us guys, and then any of the other cool stuff they can throw in , like Ginseng, Phytosterols, and all of that cool new-fangled stuff.

I don't get it ... they have to complicate things with "over 50", "under 50", Women, Men, Athletes, Cardio, Low carb, Fat, Skinny, ugly, 12 feet tall or under, big nose, small nose, and anything else they can come up with. I just want 100% of everything and a few extra goodies. Frustrated

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Re: Which Multivitamin Should I Get?

extra goodies like viagra hahaha. Do you have a GNC near you? I know I get my multi vit. at GNC however its a girlie one so that does you no good. Just thinking that maybe someone there can point you more in the right direction since you probably want one that is more aimed at those who body build and excersize a lot since you do MMA training.

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Re: Which Multivitamin Should I Get?
I take "Nature Made Multi Vitamin For Her", you could try the one for "Him" which has lycopene and has no iron. Check out the details and ingredients here
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Re: Which Multivitamin Should I Get?

Just go with Clif Builder Bars. Stupid good and tasty plus tons of protein and vitamins etc. Good and good for you with only 270 calories per bar. It's my recovery product of choice.

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