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I can't select my newsfeed in my Facebook Android app anymore?

Is anyone else having a new problem with their Facebook app in Android where they can't select their newsfeed?? I just noticed it this morning like they slipped in some update, and now I can't find it when I click on the menu items, so I'm completely unable to get to my newsfeed!

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How To Remove Apps From My Installed Android Apps List on Google Play - [SOLVED]

I often install apps just for minutes or hours, just to test them out, and then uninstall them, or buy the Pro or Donate version, and any apps I install stay permanently in the "My Android Apps" list. If I have the paid version installed I don't want to see the free ones in my list anymore, and if I didn't like an app and uninstalled it I also don't want to see it cluttering up my list. Does anyone know how to remove the unwanted apps from my list at Google Play (My Android Apps)?

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Auto-Dialer App for Android to call Radio Stations and Win contests

So I'm trying to win a radio contest, and this is the first time I've ever bothered trying to win one of these. It's the usual "When you hear this song play be caller number so and so and you win" contests. I'm using my Android cell phone to make the calls. As you know, you call, and either get a busy signal, or a ring and then a busy signal OR a recorded voice saying "all circuits are busy", then I press the hang-up button, then press the contact number and press the dial button again.

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Scan Bar Codes, Start The Torrent & Have it Downloaded By The Time You get Home with this Android App


Scan Barcodes & Have The Music, Movie, Game, etc. done by the time you get home - TransDroid Android Torrent App

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"Awesome Drop" Android App is .... AWESOME! (Tutorial)


Awesome Drop Android App Introduction & Tutorial

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Can't Find The App? Make One Now...

Well it was only a matter of time before this came out, a program that will let you create your own apps. Sorry iPhone users this is for Android phones. They tested the app maker with a bunch of kids in school and if they can do it then I'm sure anyone can. No coding is needed they do it all for you, all you do is simply create the look you want and woo la there ya go.

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For the love of Apps

So it seams to be all the popular with just about any social networking site or even with the different gadgets is APPS. There is no escaping them. Some just find them a absolute turn off and block them all and some well they have just been plain out addicted to them.


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