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How To Stop All Tattoos From Turning GREEN?

I really want to get some tattoos but I hate the way the black always ends up turning green not long after getting it, and if you've gone far enough to get an armfull of them eventually your entire arm looks green. In this day and age of sending people to the moon how come they can't invent a black tattoo ink that will stay black for life (and still be safe)?! And no I don't want to keep having to go back in and have it re-done. Looks like I'm just never going to be able to get a tatt. Sad

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Girls: Where is the best / sexiest place on a guy for a tattoo?

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Harry Potter loveeee.

Okay so I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan... after all, it's what brought me and my best friend together and made us besties. But anyways, my first tattoo was a HP tattoo... alil disappointed that my spelling is so off that I missed one single letter that messed it up... but still. Does anyone have any other Harry Potter tattoos or ideas of something from the books that would make a good tattoo? I already have 'Morsmordre' and will be working on getting the dark mark. xD

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When Geeks Get Tattoos

Lets face it there are all types of geeks out there and some enjoy showing how much of a geek they are by getting some body are. Tattoos are nothing new but geeks give them a new twist vs the standard tattoos. Here are some examples of Geek Tattoos


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