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Screenshot FAIL

you have to laugh when one guy posts a screen shot online but fails to remember what is in the background. So check it out...don't see anything out of the norm? Read his open tabs....

Click HERE to see in full size

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Computer Jokes To Play On Friends And Co-Workers

Its always fun to pull over a fun and harmless joke on a friend or co-worker. I love this one because it can drive even the experienced person nuts and yet its so easy. Plus it causes no harm, its just a harmless prank.

First you have to have access to their computer. Take a screen shot of their desktop background. Screen shots are easy to do and simple click on print screen > open paint and hit "ctrl + V"

when you do this it will paste in your screen shot of their desktop - here is mine:

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When Geeks Get Tattoos

Lets face it there are all types of geeks out there and some enjoy showing how much of a geek they are by getting some body are. Tattoos are nothing new but geeks give them a new twist vs the standard tattoos. Here are some examples of Geek Tattoos

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Google Is Broken (Picture)

Ok this picture made me laugh. See not only can we have bad internet days but so can a huge company like Google

CLICK here to see full size


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