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Polite Cat: OMG is this not the cutest kitteh EVER?!

Little kitty politely asks for some lovins! That little headbutt in the second one gave me diabetes! Heart

Polite cat asks for attention
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Kitten vs. two very scary green apples! (Funny Video)

How can anyone not love little kittens!

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My Cat's Paw is Infected - How To Cure It?

I Averaged: 4 | 2 votes
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LOL - Bubba Likes The Boobies

Judging by the look on his face, you'd almost buy the fake scaredy-cat expression ... but us men know better Wink

Cat likes boobs

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My feline won't stop licking the same place, raw. Any Pet guru's?

My insane cat has a new thing ... he constantly "grooms" the same area on the back of his left leg, the entire length of it, from paw to poopy spot. It's one long line of baldness there now, since he's licked all the hair away.

Any ideas on how to get him to stop so the hair'll all grow back? Maybe some vinegar mixed with water, so it tatses nasty to him, squirted on the back of his leg with a squirt gun? Or would it just be better to get him a membership to Hairclub for Cats?

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Anyone got a cat?

Anyone that has a cat will love this!

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Cats Praying

Fair is fair! Cats pray too!

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How do I stop my cat from scratching up my computer chair?

when I'm sitting in my computer chair working, my cat likes to come up behind me, meow and do a "stretch" while he's digging his front claws into my cloth chair. No matter how many times I yell at him "NO!" and push him away from the chair as soon as he starts it, he just keeps doing it the next time anyway. Any ideas anyone??

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Anyone want my super-fat feline?

500 pound cat for sale free! Loves yakking ... and watching his owner hork twice as much attempting to clean up his yak ...

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When Geeks Get Tattoos

Lets face it there are all types of geeks out there and some enjoy showing how much of a geek they are by getting some body are. Tattoos are nothing new but geeks give them a new twist vs the standard tattoos. Here are some examples of Geek Tattoos


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