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Diablo - Blizzard - Email Phishing Attempt Example - What to watch out for

Phishing Example: Diablo 3 | Battle.Net | Blizzard | World of Warcraft | Starcraft | Etc.

I've recently gotten an email in my gmail inbox where the sender (a.k.a. "Scumbag") is attempting to sucker me out of my login credentials by pretending to be sent from Blizzard Entertainment themselves. Of course, par for the course, the email portrays a sense of relative impending doom (to your account) and you must hurry and confirm that you're the original owner of the account. Below is a paste of the actual email:

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World of Warcraft (WoW) Stock lowered due to declining sales - SWTOR Launch the main reason.

According to MMORPG1 after a recent poll of online gamers, WoW's stock value was lowered due to declining subscriptions, placing much of the blame on the imminent release (Dec. 20th 2011) of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

MMORPG wrote:

900,000-1.6million player drop due to the the imminent launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic alone

Being a longtime player of WoW this sort of makes me sad to see. It's still an excellent game in my opinion. What do you all think of this?

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What's A Good Free Virus Program?

Hey whats a good free virus program.. i have full Norton, but it seems to be ish.. in the last week I've lost my wow account and my facebook. (got both back.. but I must have something that's not being picked up by Norton)

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WoW Cataclysm Is Finally Out ...

So, from what I hear this one's sposed to be a juicy one. Anyone got it and had a chance to play it? Any good? Worth having me dust off my flying mount and sub again until SWTOR comes out?

WoW Cataclysm

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Does anyone know the name of the font that WoW uses in-game?

Does anyone know the exact font name that World of Warcraft uses in their game? The one shown in this screenshot...

WoW,  font name, World of Warcraft
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Angelina Jolie Is A World Of Warcraft Undead (Picture)

Is Angelina Jolie secretly preparing to be in a World Of Warcraft (WoW) movie or guest in-game character? Take a look at the comparison below of her next to a member of the WoW Undead race, and you tell us.

Angelina Jolie WoW World Of Warcraft Undead Picture Movie Game
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Looking forward to this xpac - World Of Warcraft Cataclysm Preview

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For any WoW fans out there. Arena Match Video.

Any world of warcraft fans out there may get a kick out of this. For those that don't play the game and don't know anything about it this is a 2v2 arena match. Basically you create an arena team with friends or whoever and go fight to the death. You get points and ratings each week depending on your record.

I'm the hunter (guy shooting arrows) and a buddy of mis the priest (healer keeping me alive). Yes we loose this one but it was a good fight. Were not all that great at it but it's fun. *Disclaimer* Music has adult content.

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World Of Warcraft - Ruby Sanctum: New raid instance leaked!

Robert Miles - In My Dreams

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New World Of Warcraft Expansion Coming out - Cataclysm

Looks pretty good, especially how the Alliance now has Werewolves as a playable race (Worgen). For those who've never played, thats the actual game world in the video.
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