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'24' Movie In The Works ?

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Anyone a 24 fan here? I love this show and will be sorry to see the last episode, airing on May 24th with a 2 hour finale. I know sometimes the show can be a little unrealistic and many people make fun of how resilient Jack Bauer really is, he never seems to eat, sleep or shower, but yet always manages to bring down our biggest enemies. I find the humor in it also but it still makes for great entertainment IMO. Rumor has it that they may be making a 24 Movie in the future. I'll be first in line with my son of course who turned me onto the show. We own every season on DVD and watch them over and over when there's nothing better on TV. Sigh why do good shows always have to come to an end Crying (Jack Bauer jokes are always welcome Big Grin)

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Re: '24' Movie In The Works ?

oh really? i hope they do, i love this show and never miss an episode. i didnt watch the first 2 seasons but then i got into it because everyone i know was talking about how great it was. yes it is somewhat unrealistic but still fun to watch. i would definitely go see the movie if they make one.

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Re: '24' Movie In The Works ?

24 is probably my favorite non-comedy show on. I am a bit miffed to see it go but I don't think the show ever jumped the shark at all so going out while it's still good is always a positive. They are definitley doing a movie, I don't know its supposed to be a secret but Keifer did spill the beans a while ago. Jack Bauer will always rule, and not just in America either Wink

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Re: '24' Movie In The Works ?

I keep hearing how good this show is, but have never seen a single episode. I rarely ever watch tv unless it's a special event. Although I've been trying to change that lately with a couple shows (Survivor, at least until Parvati gets booted off ... which better nawt happen .. or there'll be rioting in the streets ... a 1 man riot by the name of STaRDoGGY), so maybe I'll do what I always do, and just download all the seasons and watch them in order from start to finish.

If ya think about it though, since this is all supposed to be happening within a 24 hour timeframe, he'd only need to shower once, right? Unless you're me, or the previous girl I talked on the phone a lot to, then maybe once a week. Wink

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Re: '24' Movie In The Works ?
STaRDoGG wrote:

I keep hearing how good this show is, but have never seen a single episode.

Same here I hear its a great show just haven't watched. I don't even know which station or the times its on. Generally when I do watch TV its on NBC - don't ask me why. So maybe if it comes to film I'll see it Smile

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